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Greek: Μίλητος —transliteration: Milétos

also known as: Miletum (2 Tim. 4:20) and Milet

The Theater of Miletus. Photo by Jiuguang Wang. License: CC BY-SA 2.0. File ID: 7961703500
Ruins of the ancient theater of Miletus
Photo by Jiuguang Wang (2012). License: CC BY-SA 2.0.

Miletus is an ancient biblical seaport city and the ancient capital of Caria and Ionia, about 36 miles south of Ephesus. It was located in southwest Asia Minor.

It is mentioned several times in the New Testament (Acts 20:15; 20:17; 21:1; 2 Timothy 4:20).

On his voyage from Greece to Syria, Paul touched at this port, and delivered a noble address to the elders (“presbyters,” verse 28) of Ephesus recorded in Acts 20:15-35.

Under the Greeks, Miletus flourished and was once considered the wealthiest and greatest of Greek cities.

The site of Miletus is now some 10 miles from the coast in Turkey. Its ruins are clearly visible and are regularly visited by tourists. Its ancient theater is in relatively good condition.

Location of the ruins of Miletus in modern Turkey—satellite view
Miletus ancient theater (Milet antik tiyatro)—satellite view

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Article Version: June 11, 2024