Hebrew: עוֹג —transliteration: Og

Meaning: gigantic

Og was an Amorite king of Bashan, and the last of the Rephaim (a Hebrew word meaning “giants”). His capitol city was Ashtaroth.

He was defeated by Moses in a pitched battle at Edrei, and was slain along with his sons (Deuteronomy 1:4), and whose kingdom was given to the tribes of Reuben and Gad and half the tribe of Manasseh (Numbers 21:32-35; Deuteronomy 3:1-13)

His “bedstead” (Deu. 3:11 KJV), bed or couch was of iron (or ironstone). Assuming a normal human-size cubit (a a man’s forearm), it was 13½ feet by 6 feet (9 cubits in length and 4 cubits wide). If the cubit size was based on giants, then the size in feet would be larger.

His overthrow was celebrated in song (Psalm 135:11; 136:20).

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