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also known as: Pishon

Phonetic Spelling: pee-shone' or pîšōn

Hebrew: פִישׁוֹן

This was one of the “four heads” into which the pre-Flood river which watered the garden of Eden was divided (Genesis 2:11). This river encircled the entire land of Havilah and is only mentioned this single time in Scripture.

Some have misidentified it with the modern Phasis, others with the Halys, others the Jorak or Acampis, others the Jaab, the Indus, the Ganges, etc. In reality, the garden of Eden, all the rivers and the entire Earth were undoubtedly destroyed and reshaped by the worldwide Flood cataclysm described in Genesis which covered all the high mountains under heaven.

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Article Version: July 16, 2021