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Timna (Timnah)

Meaning: Timna = Holding in check; restraint (from a root word meaning: “to restrain”) / Timnah and Timnath = an assigned portion; a gift (from a root word meaning: “to allot;” “to divide”)

This was the name of two biblical women, one man and two cities.

  1. a concubine of Eliphaz, son of Esau / Her son was Amalek (Genesis 36:12).

  2. daughter of Seir and sister of Lotan (Genesis 36:22; 1 Chronicles 1:39) / They were Horites.

  3. a “duke” or sheik of Edom—grandson of Esau and son of Eliphaz (Genesis 36:40; 1 Chronicles 1:36, 51).

  4. a town of Judah (Joshua 15:10) / Samson married a Philistine woman here and asked a riddle here about a lion and honey (Judges 14). “The Philistines took possession of it in the days of Ahaz (2 Chronicles 28:18). It was about 20 miles west of Jerusalem. It has been identified with Timnatha of Dan (Joshua 19:43), and also with Timnath (Judges 14:1,5)” (Matthew G. Easton).

  5. a city in Judah (Josh.15:57) and probably the same city (Timnath) to which Judah traveled to visit his sheepshearers and had sex with Tamar his daughter in law (Genesis 38:12-14) / This city is identified with Tibna near Jeba.

Author: Paul S. Taylor.