topaz in the Bible

Hebrew: פִטְדָה —transliteration: pitdah

Greek: τοπάζιον —transliteration: topazion

The ancient word pitdah appears only 4 times in Scripture. It is clearly a precious stone (a gem stone) and is perhaps topaz, as it is rendered by almost all translators. However, that translation is based on the Septuagint translation and is not absolutely definitive. Some suppose pitdah refers to the peridot or chrysoberyl.

Most authors seem to agree that the pitdah was yellow-brown.

Mentions of pitdah in Scripture

Mention of topaz

The Greek word topazion (meaning: topaz) appears in the Apostle John’s decription of New Jerusalem . It is one of the precious stones that adorns the foundations (Rev. 21:20).

Topaz crystals are very hard and generally golden brown to yellow in color, although they can be colorless, and if certain additional materials are present natural crystals may be orange, red, green, blue, gray, pink, or pink-orange.

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