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ChristianAnswers.Net is a ministry of Films for Christ. Films for Christ was founded in 1959. ChristianAnswers.Net receives about 9.5-million hits per month. The site currently has several thousand pages and grows weekly. The ChristianAnswers.Net domain has 37 home pages, and regularly receives visitors from almost every nation. The sites are being translated into 15 languages. We praise the Lord for what He is doing! [Read more about the ministry]

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Films for Christ

Statement of Faith

April 14, 2000

Dear Visitors and Supporters,

It is exciting to see what God is doing through the Christian Answers Network ministry. Our burning desire and gift is to reach large masses of people for Christ through the most cost-effective means—with a servant's heart, always keeping the focus on God—defending His Word and providing biblical answers.

Praise God, more people are being reached than ever before! In the last few months, ChristianAnswers.Net has undergone much improvement. The results are showing, with a 30% increase in visitors this year. We are helping almost 400,000 people each month through the Internet alone, not including our worldwide video ministry! This is a ripe mission field. So many people are searching for answers and need Christ! The average person visits us for about 20 minutes at a time, and many read and listen for hours.

Most of our visitors speak English, but we do not ignore those who speak other languages. God forbid. Each month, several thousand come to us from Spanish-speaking countries. Thousands of seeking-souls visit from German-speaking nations. Thousands come from Sweden and France and Arabic nations. Last month, people from 134 countries used our material, offered in 15 languages.

That's not all!

These numbers represent real people, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters of many races and colors, in many nations. People with problems, people with burning questions. People that need the accurate, biblical answers we can provide, with your help.

The numbers don't end with these examples. People are printing out our answers and sharing them with still more people-using them in their personal witnessing, using them in classes and in many other ways. We have reports of people using them in grass huts in Africa. What the Lord is doing is wonderful!

All this ministry is being done very cost-effectively, with a small staff and low overhead, so the money can be stretched as far as possible to reach more people. It is a labor of love.

AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO HELP - A good colleague is soon returning with his family from the mission field in the Far East. He has been helping me with the Web site part-time from there (about 10 hours a week). He is convinced that God wants him to work with us full-time, which is an answer to prayer. We are overwhelmed with work, and he is an excellent servant of God. With his help, we can make more progress. We have taken a step of faith and given him the go-ahead, trusting the Lord to provide through his servants. We need help to meet his salary.

We also don't have enough monthly pledges to fully support my family yet. Please make these needs a matter of prayer and help if you can.

Please support ChristianAnswers.Net. Your cyber-missionary and servant in Christ,
Paul S. Taylor
Films for Christ

The Christian Answers Network is a nonprofit, evangelical ministry made possible by the volunteer help and donations of concerned Christians.

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