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A donor-based Web ministry—provided with love as a FREE service to all

a nonprofit ministry of
Films for Christ

Statement of Faith

Dear visitor,

Although we live in technologically exciting times, in many ways Earth is an increasingly sad, confused place. In a world rich with information, most people today are ignorant of the most fundamental biblical knowledge--what life is all about--where we came from--and where we are going. Divorce, abuse, crime, abortion, loneliness and spiritual blindness are rampant. Billions live in daily rebellion against their Creator and are doomed for eternity unless they learn the truth and accept Jesus Christ.

The good news is that we have the biblical answers people need.

As Christians, our job is to love God and obey His laws, love others as Christ loved us, and confront our culture with God's truth. Our staff is dedicated to the Lord's service--each sacrificing in love with a humble servant's heart--eager to help others.

Here is how we are responding to the needs of our world. We need your help!

Christian Answers Network is our dynamic and extremely popular question-answering and apologetics ministry on the Internet. We are receiving over 1.8-million “hits” PER DAY. This large, unique Web site is translated into 33-languages and is regularly visited by people in at least 200 nations. Each month, we receive thousands of questions from searching souls:

“Pornography has been the center of my life for 25 years. I've lost my family and everything important to me. I'm considering ending my life. Help, I don't know where to turn.” / “I needed help explaining the gospel to my dying friend.” / “The Bible is full of errors. How do you expect me to believe Christ is the only way to be saved?”

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Can you imagine the challenge of dealing with thousands of questions from people who are lost, confused, hurting, and desperate? We consider it a blessing that they have turned to us--instead of to the world! This daily outreach is bearing much fruit! We want to keep this ministry going! But we greatly need more funds to support it.

Our ministry does not end with the millions of people we help through the Internet…

FILM/VIDEO PRODUCTION, TRANSLATION & DISTRIBUTION-- Through the Lord's blessing, we have produced widely-acclaimed, award-winning motion pictures. Lives worldwide have been changed through translations into 28 languages. Our current, much-needed production is DESTINATION PARADISE: How to Understand the World's Suffering and God's Plan from Creation to Eternity. Your help is needed to continue this new production—waiting on hold for more funding.

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PUBLIC SCHOOL OUTREACH Our public education system continues to undermine young people's faith in Christ. They are taught to doubt the existence of their Creator--to accept a distorted view of Earth's true history--and to doubt the existence of Heaven, Hell and Christ's way of salvation. We are loaning all of our video productions free to public schools nationwide. Help us respond to the needs.

KID EXPLORERS Carefully designed to reach young people, our Kid Explorers Internet ministry uses an attention-getting rain forest theme. It provides Biblical answers on a child's level and makes learning fun with activities, audio, video, stories, quizzes and more. We need your response to continue and expand this outreach to public school students and other kids—and to complete development of a great new Creation evidences Dinosaur Web site. Your donations are the fuel for progress and help!

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CHRISTIAN SPOTLIGHT ON ENTERTAINMENT Many thousands of Christians look to us each week for guidance in making wise entertainment choices for their families, dorms, and more. What an encouragement at a time when so many Christians patronize the same Hollywood movies as the rest of the world. With the Lord's help, our free Spotlight service has become the world's most successful Christian movie review site on the Internet. The reviews are even reprinted in newspapers, church bulletins and newsletters. This unique ministry can only continue through your help!

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There are so many amazing and joyful opportunities to serve God with our time and money. Give according to your means with prayer, as the Lord moves you. For if the willingness is there, the gift is blessed. Help send the truth of God to millions in this spiritually-dark world. Your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

In Christ's love,
Paul S. Taylor
Executive Director
Christian Answers Network
Films for Christ

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