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History of ChristianAnswers.Net

What is the history of ChristianAnswers.Net?

Casting a wide net…
into the 21st century

When Christian Answers Network went on-line, September 1, 1995, only God knew the amazing effectiveness that this Internet ministry would have. Since that day, the staff has been thrilled (and overwhelmed) by the responses—growing stacks of urgent spiritual questions from users—thousands of e-mail messages monthly. It is clear that this ministry is meeting a very real need!

We want to continue this vital ministry. In fact, it clearly needs to be expanded. But we need your prayers and financial support.

The Vision, the Goal

When Paul Taylor, Executive Director of Films for Christ, first conceived ChristianAnswers.Net, he envisioned a place where people could have free, convenient, 24-hour-a-day access to biblical answers to life's most challenging questions. He realized that the Internet was being used by millions of people around the world and that it was growing at an amazing rate. The Internet provides a unique, interactive and non-threatening way to reach people by the millions with the gospel of Jesus Christ—all over the world. Many people who would not ordinarily engage in conversations about God can now receive important answers from the Bible in the privacy of their own homes—Christians and non-Christians alike.

ChristianAnswers.Net is a wonderful means of reaching millions of souls within the cultural framework of the 90's and the 21st century. It is convenient, biblical, relevant and efficient. By teaming up with other like-minded Christian ministries, it has brought together experts in various fields in a cooperative effort seldom achieved in the religious world.

A Cost-Effective Ministry

ChristianAnswers.Net was designed from the start to be highly cost-effective—Reaching the maximum number of people with a quality presentation of God's Word for the least possible expenditure. The staff size has been kept extremely lean and multi-purpose. Rather than using money to solve the design challenges, the staff uses creativity, long hours, and volunteers.


The Christian Answers Network has received much acclaim and various awards.

Multilingual Ministry

Earth For the sake of foreign visitors, ChristianAnswers.Net currently provides portions of the site (including Gospel presentations, answers, and more) in over 15 languages. Through volunteer staff, the site continues to expand for the use of non-English speakers.

A Biblical Ministry

ChristianAnswers.Net is evangelical, conservative and determined to be true to the Word of God despite the increasingly confused and cynical times we live in. In addition to providing the gospel message, ChristianAnswers.Net currently offers biblical answers on such topics as Christian theology, biblical archaeology, family & marriage, religions & cults, creation vs. evolution, and government & social issues.

A Relevant Ministry

The ChristianAnswers.Net strives to provide answers to the questions that people actually have (rather than those drawn from some artificial list). This ministry also approaches people in many different ways. For example, our Christian Spotlight on the Movies section uses people's widespread interest in entertainment to move them toward Christian values and answers.


ChristianAnswers.Net's KID EXPLORERS section is recognized as one of the best children's destinations on the World Wide Web. Children (of all ages) explore an enchanting rain forest (and soon much more) while learning about God through biblical stories, games, activities, coloring contests, questions and more. As appreciative teachers recognize, “This site encourages children to discover God through exploring His creations. This helps them know God better and develop an inquisitive mind set about our surroundings.”