Reviewed on PC


Reviewed By: Robin Tan

Computer Platform: PC
Produced by: Blizzard Entertainment
Learning curve time: 5 min.
Age level: 13+
ESRB Rating: Mature
Patches / Upgrades: on website
System Requirements: Pent. 233MHz, 64MB RAM, Direct3D Compatible Sound and Video Card

Genre: RPG
Christian Rating: 1 of 5
   (very offensive)
Gameplay: 4 of 5
Violence: 2 of 5
Adult Content: 3 of 5

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“Diablo II” is the sequel to the popular “Diablo”. In this release the gamer plays one of five character-classes: Amazon, Paladin (a holy warrior), Barbarian, Sorceress, or Necromancer. The events of the game take place a year or two after the original game.

Technically, the interface takes only minutes to learn, even for first-timers. The loading time is also dramatically reduced from the original title (less than a minute to load a new game and 2-5 seconds to load a new area). Gameplay consists of helping townsfolk kill monsters, find (and most of the time kill) other people, retrieve artifacts, etc.

Graphic of box for 'Diablo 2'.
"Full of excellent work, sound, and gameplay… a hallmark in gaming history."
   —Jeremy, age 20, non-Christian

"Surprisingly boring, repetitive, and contains no creativity. Just click, click and repeat until dead. The 'save' feature is the worst I've seen yet (even worse than Playstation); simply auto-save and saving on exit."
   —Robin Tan

"…the true fun in [Diablo II]…is the character development and the heroes you choose are not siding with Diablo/Satan/hell but are fighting against it…"
   —JL, age 16

"…very well thought up and engineered…ingenious and highly complex once the game is properly undestood…"
   —Michael King, age 17, non-Christian

"The game is enjoyable to play but does get tedious when you must fight in a certain area repeatedly in hopes of gaining exp points…"
   —Steve, age 21, non-Christian

"This game is challenging (yes repetitive) but quite entertaining for the simple RPG stylings it presents."
   —Justin, age 21, non-Christian

"Diablo 2 is formulaic click click click rubbish, that's true…Don't buy this, because it's a dull, bad game :) not for any “moral” reason…"
   —Doormat, age 18, non-Christian

"I agree, D2 sucks. I personally don't take the imagery to mind, but I'm no doubt de-sensitised. But, besides that, the game is just boring beyond belief. It's sad, and it is a must avoid; for so many mind-numbing reasons."
   —Toolbit, age 18

"I find that Diablo II is easily the game which, in my 14 years as a gamer, has grabbed and held my attention the most."
   —Forrest, age 19, non-Christian

"The skill tree, 5 character classes, and the inumerable amount of items add quite a bit to the depth [of gameplay]. Although I've seen better, the gameplay in this game is quite top-notch."
   —Jumin Lee, age 15

"a good cooperative multiplayer experience. The 'occult' themes are a bit depressing, but then, that's the mood of the game…"
   —Chris G., age 20, non-Christian

"I enjoy the gameplay for all the classes, and the rendered cut scenes between acts are absolutely stunning and keep the excellent story line moving well. The final cut sets up the expansion perfectly, which happens to be another excellent game."
   —Zach, non-Christian


"The demonic depictions are so obscene that it makes my flesh crawl. Some symbols included I recognize from anime (Japanese comics) that I read before I became a Christian, [some of which includes such occultic material]. Many such symbols are used in demonic rituals and human sacrifices. These symbols appear throughout the game."
   —Robin Tan

"As a Christian I found some of the images and themes a bit harsh. I agree it is violent and has satanic references…"
   —JL, age 16

"…There are a few demonic elements such as symbols, but the very purpose of the game is to rid the very evil that has created such defilement…"
   —Michael King, age 17, non-Christian

"…full of witchcraft and if you don't want to have a house full of demons then don't bring this game home!…"
   —Josh Koester, age 19

"I really wanted to like this game, but as the reviewer said, it has some very serious subplots, symbols that really made me uncomfortable. As Christians we've got to be careful what we let influence us, and games like this aren't doing any good…"
   —Glen, age 17

"The only demonic symbol is the pentigram in the middle of the Chaos Sanctuary."
   —Dan, age 17

"The only thing that really bothered me is the cinematic to the final act."
   —Bill Powers (stiner), age 20

"The one aspect of this game that I do find unGodly, or so to speak, is that it saps your time away from real life and draws you into a dream world of illusions. This game has such a strong pull for continual play that I must say it is detrimental to a normal life. Other than that, the graphics are great, the story is good, and the interface is easy to use."
   —Claudius, age 20

"The ambience of the entire game, though possibly disturbing, is not morally wrong."
   —Jimmy, age 19

"While I do not disagree that some of the demonic elements and occult images will disturb people, I think it is worth noting that the Paladin character class is a Christian crusader, his skills and abilities use sheer power of faith and conviction in God to help him in battle. More obviously, he is the guy with the crucifix on his armor. I would think more people would appreciate the theme of a holy warrior slaying satan…"
   —Victor Yuen, age 22, non-Christian

“…Diablo II is yet another story about how you defend the fragile, mortal world against the evil forces that strive to plunge it into chaos, and how you do this guided, but not actively helped by the Light. This is what the Archangel Tyrael tells you when you meet him in the Pandemonium Fortress. And he also tells you that there is a fallen angel, Izual, who after an unsuccessful attack against the Hellforge has been trapped in a demonic form. Tyrael asks you to release Izual. See, in Diablo II, angels and demons are not mortals and hence cannot be killed, only their physical manifestation can be finally destroyed, whether this is one of there own choosing or one forced upon them…”
   —Poul Willy Eriksen, age 21

“…deals with some strange magical type things for 2 of the characters--the sorceress, and the necromancer. The actual point of the game is to abolish evil (satan & all his minions)…kind of a strange 'fight fire with fire' game…Find out something about the storyline before you make a concrete decision. (More than the bare bones storyline too).”
   —John Michaels, age 32

“I noted no obscenity in the dialogue…The dialogue is simply a paragraph of poorly voiced over speech (with no choice of dialogue). Just click on the person and hear him/her ramble.”
   —Robin Tan

“Alkor actually curses when you go and talk to him…”
   —Jeremy, age 20, non-Christian

“…I felt that the voice-overs were very good, particularly the angel you forgot to mention…”

“The only offensive thing in the game is the 1 cuss word I saw and the naked lady. (You can't even tell she is naked unless you're looking for it).”
   —Caleb Mead, age 18

Year of Release—2000

Positive—Diablo 2, All I can say it is just one more of the same from Blizzard Entertainment. What I cannot understand is how a game company can actually pull this off, Blizzard is one of two companies ever to actually have every single game that comes forth from it to be given a landmark title (game of the year). I do indeed agree with the reviewer on the demonic aspects of the game, but I look at this title in a more general since. The world is in extreme peril, heaven and hell are at war, and the minions of Satan are planning to permanently turn Earth into an “outpost of hell.” Rather then interfere directly God instructs and gears a hero (your character) to attempt to defend the mortal realms by directly combating the powers of Satan. The epoch of the game occurs after your character slays two of the three “right hand” demons of Satan, Diablo, and Mephisto. Now Blizzard has released an expansion package extending the story to include the Destruction of Baal, the last of the three demons of Satan. Violent…yes, Satanic…oh yes, fun…yes indeed, dark and gothic…well look at the box. My Ratings: [1/5]
   —NECROLIGEST, age 18

I have to agree and disagree on the points the reviewer has made. I agree that as a christian, I find the symbols, lack of clothing on some of the female creatures and carnage disturbing, however this is a fantasy game much in the same vein as Dungeons & Dragons. Unlike D&D though, which encourages the player diversity of being good, neutral, evil, and service to gods of all types. Your player in “Diablo 2” has one goal … destroy Diablo and his menions and rid the land of evil. This game is NOT for everyone! Christians who are easily offended by such symbols and violence should avoid this game. And children should definitely not be allowed to play it either. I have been an avid gamer for about 9 years, and played about every genre that the game industry has to offer. I would not recommend this game to most christians, but I would highly recommend it to a hardcore game player. “Diablo 2” is a fantastic game from a gamers perspective. The interface is easy to use, it offers very interesting character development that can literally provide thousands of variations on the characters, the storyline progresses very well, geniunely requires solid strategy skills based on the character you play, and it provides three progressive levels of difficulty. Make no mistake, the game is a challenge to finish. On the down side, you may have to play through the same areas multiple times to gain enough experience to defeat a boss creature. This can become tedious at best, but usually this is only a problem in the single player game. The game is also a very serious investment of time. Most players I know on battlenet have spent hundreds of hours playing through all the difficulty levels. A christian definitely needs their priorities straight if they intend to play this game. God should always be at the forefront of our lives, hearts, and minds. If this game or any game ever takes away from God's place in our lives, then I'd say it is time to put it away. I'd much rather live life without games, than to live life without Jesus Christ. My Ratings: [2/4]
   —Troy, age 29

While the game is easily played, and the save feature is very, very bad, it is still a fun game. And I would have had no idea that there were occult symbols in it if the reviewer hadn't pointed it out. If you don't pay attention to what they talk about and can handle the violence, then it really is a fun game. And the main fun of the game is contained in the strategy of developing your character, not in clicking on monsters. My Ratings: [3/4]
   —Brian Dukes, age 15

The symbols are required for this game, as it is a game about fighting off the minions of Diablo, not butchering townsfolk, and not once did you have to kill a NORMAL (non-monstrous) human. The game had blood, to be sure, but it isn't even nearly as violent as other games on the market. The symbols meant signs of human sacrifice? The save settings were needed to prevent people from saving and then probing rooms, and the game might have required a lot of clicking, but it still wasn't just click the monster, it's dead, it did require some strategy, allowing the barbarian to jump pits, properly placed spells, like the one that allows a corpse to be converted into a trap against the monsters. And finally, I felt that the videos were fine, and of course the demons will look creepy, they aren't SUPPOSED to be all sparkly and nice looking! They're supposed to be ugly, but they weren't, as your review claimed, “made my skin crawl in revulsion” in the slightest, unless your reviewer has only been playing Alley Cat for the last few years.

While these games do make mention of other gods, it is again fantasy, a story, made to work the imagination, and the mind, that is the beauty in it, its a wonderful story, in which you save the world…so I urge you not to over look the game because of its title, and try and enjoy it in the context of what it was made to be used it, a fantasy game, with a wonderful story.
   —James Hunter, age 16, non-Christian

…Every reputable gaming source gave Diablo 2 a very high score, such as PC Gamer and Game Spot. Diablo 2 has already made its mark in history. The game is very violent and has demonic content, but the game never supports satanism at all. The character you play is attempting to rid the game world of evil. True, the game has some violent and occultish images, but it is cartoonish enough to not really seem real at all. The gameplay is extremely addictive, it is simplistic yet complex. The quest system is excellent, it makes the game more straightforward than most games. The auto-save feature is ingenious, it adds a whole new layer of challenge and strategy. The storyline is intriguing enough to drive the action and is mostly told through the cinematics, which were of amazing quality. The story is basically a good vs evil plot where you play good and have to kill evil. The online system is amazingly easy to use and makes playing the game with tens of thousands of people around the globe easy as ever. The only real problem is the servers are often unstable or down. To be honest, I can see where a Christian would take offense. There are occultish and violent images throughout the game, but I feel that it is cartoonish enough that it isn't a real problem. The important thing to remember is that the game is a fantasy, not real at all. At the end your character descends down into hell to defeat the evil Diablo, but again the fact that the game portrays hell as a terrible place was good I thought. Overall, this is a great RPG that is very addictive. I would say that it deserved it's “M” rating due to its violent content, but it really is a great game. It will challenge you and keep you itching for more for hours. I have played it thoroughly and it didn't make me demonic at all, so I honestly don't feel that there is anything wrong with the game. My Ratings: [4/5]
   —Zack White, age 16

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