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From One Blood: The Story of Gerrit Wolfaardt

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August 12, 2003
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Featuring Gerrit Wolfaardt
Director Cristóbal Krusen
Producer Mix Holdings
Distributor Crown Video

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “An Afrikaner tells his own story—from hatred to healing, from apartheid to love, and from fear to faith. Afrikaner Gerrit Wolfaardt was born into prejudice. Everything he had been taught since childhood-from his family, his church and his culture-told him that apartheid, or separateness, was right and natural. He became a self-proclaimed disciple of Hitler, and hatched a diabolical plan to rid South Africa of “The Black Danger.”

His ideology was challenged by Celeste, who later became his wife, and by the book Cry the Beloved Country. His search for truth led him to question beliefs that had been passed down from the past. In this documentary, Gerrit shares the amazing journey that resulted in his radical transformation. Also included are scenes from “Final Solution,” a feature film based on his life.

Today, Gerrit takes the message of racial reconciliation to people in the United States and South Africa. He and Celeste live in Colorado; they have three children.”

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