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George W. Bush: Faith in the White House

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1 hr. 10 min.
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Featuring: Featuring: George W. Bush, Janet Parshall, Doug Wead, David Aikman, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, James Robison, Dr. Deal Hudson, Tom Freiling, Robert Woodson, Sr., E. Donald Poage, Stephen Mansfield, William “Bucky” Bush, Michael Minor, Dr. Ted Haggard, William Federer, Megan Gillan, Mark Haynam family, Don Hodel
Director: David W. Balsiger
Producer: Grizzly Adams Productions
Distributor: Grizzly Adams Productions
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What part should morality play in politics? Answer

Does character matter in political leaders? Answer

Separation of Church and State—When did the government pass this law and where can it be found? Answer

What is the legal and moral role of the Bible and Christianity in the U.S.A.? Should God be separated from American government? Answer

Where should Christians draw the line in trying to make the U.S. a Christian nation? Answer

Should Christians seek political power, or should we only focus on evangelism? Answer

“His faith will inspire you!”

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “He is the commander-in-chief of the world’s greatest superpower, the leader of the free world, the head of the executive branch of the U.S. government—the weight of responsibility is enormous, and it drives George W. Bush to his knees, in prayer and supplication. Like no other president in the history of our nation, Bush boldly, publicly, and genuinely loves out his faith on the job,” say the producers, who ask viewers to “decide for themselves whether President Bush’s faith has been good for America. But whatever you decide, his faith will change and inspire you.

This documentary was produced independently and without any input from the White House, the Bush Administration or the Bush/Cheney Election Campaign. It is based on independent research.” / Non-political

DVD bonus features include: additional Bush insider interviews, Bush faith statements from speeches, historical faith documents, recommended reading list, and responses to “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

Viewer Comments
Positive—The truth about a man who is a servant to the people of the United States of America. Which is and should be the job description of every President of the United States of America.
My Ratings: Excellent/5
LaRene J McHugh, age 50
Neutral—Whereas this movie is listed as “non-political” it certainly is projected from a certain viewpoint : that is, one that seeks to justify a preconceived position with documented evidence. …Unfortunately, this film, while it certainly portrays the faith of the president, will not in the eyes of many Christians validate that faith through hard evidence. Some examples include asking the very striking question “Will George W. Bush be allowed to finish the battle against the forces of evil that threaten our very existence?” (five minutes before the conclusion) While this question was relevant during the elections, it strikes of partisanship and extremist rhetoric. Unfortunately, this undermines the credibility of the documentary, and portrays it as simply a campaign response to Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911.” It does not, however, respond to the charges made in that film. Given statements like those, it is obvious when looking at the “non-political” listing that the film is being used as propaganda-esque piece to influence the Christian vote, without really exploring where the president’s policies do reflect Christain values. In that sense, I think every person of faith should regard this film with a critical eye.
My Ratings: Better than Average/3
Alexander G. Schugt, age 30