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Lila and Eve

also known as “Lila & Eve”
MPA Rating: R-Rating (MPA) for violence and language.
not reviewed
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Primary Audience:
Thriller Drama
1 hr. 34 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
July 17, 2015 (Los Angeles and NYC and VOD)
DVD: August 25, 2015
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Relevant Issues

dealing with grief

mothers who lose their children to senseless violence / drive-by shootings / murder

crimes of illegal drug dealers

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authorities who fail to take needed action and even block justice

justice / justice of God / the final judgment of God

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Issue of pain and suffering

Why does God allow innocent people to suffer? Answer

What about the issue of suffering? Doesn’t this prove that there is no God and that we are on our own? Answer

Does God feel our pain? Answer

ORIGIN OF BAD—How did bad things come about? Answer

Did God make the world the way it is now? What kind of world would you create? Answer

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taking matters into one’s own hands / avenging a murder by going outside the law

sin and the fall of man

goodness and righteousness

about hope

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Featuring Jennifer LopezEve Rafael
Viola DavisLila
Aml Ameen … Stephon
Shea Whigham … Holliston
Andre Royo … Skaketti
Chris Chalk … Alonzo
Michole Briana White … Mae
Yolonda Ross … Patrice
Gino Vento … Aza Colon
Rey Hernandez … Ojeda
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Director Charles Stone III—“Drumline” (2002), “Mr. 3000” (2004)
Producer A+E Studios
ChickFlick Productions
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Distributor Samuel Goldwyn Films

“Torn by loss. Bound by revenge.”

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “A tense and exciting film, LILA AND EVE is directed by Charles Stone III (DRUMLINE), and tells the story of Lila (Academy Award® Nominee Viola DavisJennifer Lopez), a grief-stricken mother who in the aftermath of her son’s murder in a drive-by shooting attends a support group where she meets Eve (Jennifer Lopez), who has lost her daughter. When Lila hits numerous roadblocks from the police in bringing justice for her son's slaying, Eve urges Lila to take matters into her own hands to track down her son's killers.

The two women soon embark on a violent pursuit of justice, as they work to the top of the chain of drug dealers to avenge the murder of Lila's son. ). LILA AND EVE is a bold and provocative take on the morals of American society.”

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