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Captive State

also known as “A Rebelião,” “Captive State - Cercados,” “Duboka država,” “Elrabolt világ,” “Istila Altinda,” “La rebelión,” “Nación cautiva,” “Obsedeno stanje,” «Земля в осаде»
MPAA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPAA) for sci-fi violence and action, some sexual content, brief language and drug material.

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Primary Audience:
• Teens • Young-Adults • Adults
Sci-Fi Alien-Invasion
1 hr. 49 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
March 15, 2019 (wide—2,200+ theaters)
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Relevant Issues
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Government that lie to its people

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Enslavement under an oppressive government under the guise of peaceful unity

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Culpability of collaborators

Aliens (extraterrestrials)

What does the Bible say about intelligent life on other planets? Answer

Are we alone in the universe? Answer

Does Scripture refer to life in space? Answer

Questions and answers about the origin of LIFE

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Featuring: John GoodmanChicago Police Officer Mulligan
Ashton SandersGabriel
Vera FarmigaJane Doe
Machine Gun KellyJurgis
Madeline BrewerRula
Alan RuckRittenhouse
KiKi Layne (Kiki Layne)Carrie
Kevin J. O'ConnorKermode
D.B. SweeneyLevitt
James Ransone … Ellison
Kevin Dunn … Police Chief Igoe
Jonathan Majors … Rafe
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Director: Rupert Wyatt—“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (2011), “The Gambler” (2014)
Producer: DreamWorks
Amblin Partners
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Distributor: Focus Features

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “Set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extra-terrestrial force, ‘Captive State’ explores the lives on both sides of the conflict—the collaborators and dissidents.

An extraterrestrial force enslaves humanity under the guise of peaceful unity. The film follows the life of Chicago Police Officer Mulligan, who is tasked with uniting the world against the extra-terrestrial enemy. He recruits Gabriel, the young son of a fallen soldier who joined a rebel group called Phoenix.”

  • Violence: Very Heavy
  • Profane language: Mild
  • Vulgar/Crude language: Heavy
  • Sex: Heavy

See list of Relevant Issues—questions-and-answers.

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Secular Movie Critics
…An audacious and suspenseful thriller about resistance fighters waging an underdog campaign against occupying extraterrestrials. …rigorously intelligent, cunningly inventive, and impressively suspenseful…
Joe Leydon, Variety
…Visually murky, choppily edited and lacking both narrative clarity and well-defined characterizations, Captive State is a deeply frustrating viewing experience. …
Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter
…Though “Captive State” has plenty of action, it’s not a blood-and-guts sci-fi thriller. It aims for a more cerebral, social-commentary approach. …
Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times
…fails… A weak dystopian warning without a clear message…
Matthew Rozsa, Salon
…Engrossing… As some kind of political statement—assuming they intended “Captive State” to be one—the film is a little weaker, but there is, at the very least, light food for thought. …
Mark Meszoros, News Herald
…messy, lugubrious sci-fi thriller…
Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times
…too muddled to register with the intended force. “Captive State” is many things at once—or at least it’s trying to be—and every match it lights along the way is quickly snuffed out. …
Michael Nordine, IndieWire
…looks stellar in its oppressive dreariness, but the exploration of it is as messy as some of the stockyards.
John Petkovic, The Plain Dealer
…imperfectly constructed, at times frustratingly so, but it’s trying, doggedly, to do something different and given the bland efficiency of so many wide-releasing sci-fi movies, that’s hard to fault. …
Benjamin Lee, The Guardian [UK]
…it is missing one key element: a soul…
Mike Scott, New Orleans Times-Picayune
…Pay good money for this and YOU’LL be the one in a “Captive State”…
Roger Moore, Movie Nation
…An unsatisfying potluck of quasi-relevant, frustration-inducing ideas…
Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap