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Reviewed by: Dawn Staub

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Cover Graphic from 8MM

“8mm” is a very dark and disturbing look into the world of underground pornography. This movie opened my eyes to the horrors that exist in our society, and just how close they are to every person, especially through the Internet.

The theme of the film is, “you can’t prepare for where the truth will take you.” “8MM” follows Private Investigator Tom Wells’ (Nicholas Cage) obsessive search for the truth about a six-year old murder. His journey takes him into the seedy world of underground pornography, where he discovers the truth about so-called “snuff films” (films in which people are abused and murdered on camera).

A line in the movie is, “When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change, he changes you.” Even lawful Tom Wells’ judgment is compromised by what he encounters along his journey for the truth, to the point that he takes the law into his own hands.

“8MM” is not a film to view with children. It contains graphic violence, nudity, sex, and profanity. Due to its graphic nature, I cannot recommend this movie from a Christian perspective. To its credit, “8MM” does not glamorize pornography, nor does it promote the lifestyle. It portrays the people involved as lost. I think it sends a strong message to young and old alike (particularly teen girls) about the dangers of pornography.

I would rate this an NC-17.

Viewer Comments
I don’t agree with the other reviewers that this is a satanic movie, but I will say that it is very disturbing and very dark. The sad thing about the content of this movie is that “snuff” films may really exist and are not an urban myth. What’s sad is how the forces of darkness turned and twisted a beautiful gift from God-sex and have made into something ugly and evil and unfortunately, in some sectors of society, even profitable. This is a movie about a private investigator out to uncover the truth about a murder and the world that he discovers in the process.

It is not a film that encourages or glorifies its subject matter. But I can understand why people are bothered by this film. It is not for everyone. And it is certainly not a subject that I would choose to think about. But unfortunately it may be reality.
Don Lambirth, age 31
My husband and I tried to watch this movie for about 30 minutes or so. We turned it off because it turned our stomachs. Too graphic, too “realistic”, too satanic. We figured why waste precious time seeing these flashes of evil before our eyes when we could be reading our bibles or having a nice conversation. Remember one thing, once an image is in your head, you’ll always remember it. Treat your spirit with respect and don’t let your guard down when it comes to filth like this!
Amy, age 28
I am ashamed to actually say that I watched this movie all the way through. Although I really enjoy Nic Cage and everything he is in (usually), this puts a black mark on his name and everything else he has done. This movie is quite unexplainable how bad it really is. Anything Satan can put in your head is in this movie. Although it is good that this industry is looked down upon in this movie, it is still a disgrace that it was even made. My advice is to not even watch this movie, Christian or non-Christian.
Mark, age 18
I had seen the trailers, and I read the back of the movie box… and I wasn’t prepared or even warned about the content of this movie. Had I known the plot would revolve around the underground pornography world, I would have never rented this movie. From a Christian standpoint this movie is pure evil… there are no redeeming values. At one point in the movie Cage asks for permission to kill someone… ugh… stay away from this film at all costs… not only did it have disturbing content, it’s not even a good film to watch (entertainment-wise). I’ll never get those two hours back…
Heath, age 28