The New Answers Book
378 pages
6 x 9 inches
Adult, Teens

The New Answers Book

Over 25 top questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible

Ken Ham, General Editor

replaces The Revised & Expanded Answers Book

An essential resource for any believer, The New Answers Book provides a ready defense agains the attacks of evolutionary thought. An impressive list of reputable creation scientists join author Ken Ham to answer these questions scientifically, biblically, and logically. Contributors include, Bodie Hodge, Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Andy McIntosh, Dr. David Menton, Dr. Tommy Mitchell, Dr. Terry Mortenson, Mike Oard, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Mike Riddle, Dr. Andrew Snelling, Paul F. Taylor, Dr. Monty White, Dr. Clifford Wilson, and Dr. Bryant Wood.

Christians of all ages face challenges to their faith from those who emphasize evolutions and millions-of-years thinking. This revolutionary resource will provide you with a ready answer!

The New Answers Book addresses the most-asked questions about creation/evolution, and the Bible:
  1. Is there really a God?
  2. Why shouldn't Christians accept millions of years?
  3. Couldn't God have used Evolution?
  4. Don't creationists deny the laws of nature?
  5. What about the Gap & Ruin-Reconstruction theories?
  6. Cain's wife—Who was she?
  7. Doesn't Carbon-14 dating disprove the Bible?
  8. Could God really have created everything in six days?
  9. Does radiometric dating prove the earth is old?
  10. Was there really a Noah's Ark & Flood?
  11. Hod did animals spread all over the world from where the Ark landed?
  12. What really happened to the dinosaurs?
  13. Why don't we find human & dinosaur fossils together?
  14. Can catastrophic plate tectonics explain Flood geology?
  15. Don't creationists believe some “wacky” things?
  16. Where does the Ice Age fit?
  17. Are there really different races?
  18. Are ETs & UFOs real?
  19. Does distant starlight prove the universe is old?
  20. Did Jesus say he created in six literal days?
  21. How did defense/attack structures come about?
  22. Is natural selection the same thing as Evolution?
  23. Hasn't Evolution been proved true?
  24. Did dinosaurs turn into birds?
  25. Does archeology support the Bible?
  26. Why does God's Creation include death & suffering?
  27. How can I use this information to witness?
  28. How can we use dinosaurs to spread the Creation Gospel message?

Each of these questions is given a detailed, in-depth answer.

Non-Christians will be challenged. Christians will be encouraged that the Word of God is believable and trustworthy.

“Be ready always to give an answer to everyone who asks you a reason of the hope in you, with meekness and fear; having a good conscience”I Peter 3:15-16