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Creation and Time

A Report on the Progressive Creationist Book by Hugh Ross

by Mark Van Bebber and Paul S. Taylor
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Table of Contents


Who is Hugh Ross?
A Brief Summary of Dr. Ross’s Book

Section 1:

A Key Tactic of Progressive Creationism
CLAIM: The Age of the Earth is a “Trivial Doctrinal Point.”

Section 2:

Dual Revelation
The “facts of nature” versus Scripture.
CLAIM: Single Revelation is the belief of many creationists.
CLAIM: The facts of nature are like a 67th book of the Bible.
CLAIM: Observation of the universe (general revelation) is sufficient to discover the gospel.
CLAIM: The Universe is billions of years old

Section 3:

Other Theological Considerations
CLAIM: God Created many carnivorous animals in the beginning — long before Adam’s sin.
CLAIM: Plants were killed before Adam’s sin, so there clearly mas death before the Fall.
CLAIM: The death that came through sin was spiritual, not physical.
CLAIM: Creation was subjected to futility from its very beginning.
CLAIM: Isaiah and “Church Father” Origen supported pre-Fall “bondage to decay”

Section 4:

Biblical Considerations
CLAIM: The Flood was local, not global.
CLAIM: The Creation account is told from the perspective of an observer on earth.
CLAIM: Most stars and planets were created before the first day.
CLAIM: The simplest, most natural reading of Genesis 1 is that the days were long ages.
CLAIM: The Bible says the earth is very old.
CLAIM: God’s days are not our days Psalm 90:4 and 2 Peter 3:8.
CLAIM: The use of “morning and evening” in Genesis 1 does not indicate literal days. The Hebrew word for “morning” in Genesis 1 is metaphorical.
CLAIM: Because the word “day” in Genesis 2:4 refers to the entire Creation week, there is more reason to believe the first six days were not literal.
CLAIM: The “uniqueness” of the seventh day indicates the days of Creation were not normal days.
CLAIM: Genesis 1 is different than the other chapters, therefore the days can be long.
CLAIM: The Creation days do not have to be literal because not all numbered days in the Bible refer to 24-hour periods.

Section 5:

History of Creationism
CLAIM: The early Church Fathers supported long Creation days.
CLAIM: Even those Church Fathers who did not write about this subject rejected 24 hour days.
CLAIM: Church scholars of the Dark and Middle Ages would probably also disagree with literal days.
CLAIM: Lightfoot and Ussher ignored Hebrew scholarship.
CLAIM: creationists are “Ussherites.”
CLAIM: God would naturally take billions of years for Creation because He is a master craftsman.

Section 6:

More on Progressive Creationism’s Billions-of-Years
CLAIM: Science has conclusively proven earth is old.
CLAIM: The universe has to be billions of years old, otherwise life could not exist.
CLAIM: God used the Big Bang to create the universe.

Section 7:

Denouncing Young-Earth Creationists
An affinity for secular evolutionists over Christians
CLAIM: The motivation of creationists is fear.
CLAIM: creationists have no scientific support; they are operating on blind faith.
CLAIM: creationists deny physical reality, and they are arrogant, too.
CLAIM: creationists are divisive.
CLAIM: The Bible-Science Association says that Hugh Ross rejects Christ’s Atonement.
CLAIM: creationists say salvation depends on belief in 24-hour-days and recent Creation.
CLAIM: Wendell Bird “is not committed” to a young universe.