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Weather and the Bible

by Donald B. DeYoung

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PART I: Weather Basics
1. Should a Christian become a meteorologist?
2. Is there a creationist view of the weather?
3. How do climate and weather differ?
4. Why are weather predictions uncertain?
5. Are traditional weather proverbs accurate?
6. Do moon phases control our weather?
7. What is the atmosphere?
8. What is the composition of air?
9. Does air have weight?
10. How much sunlight hits the earth?
11. What is temperature?
12. What is a temperature inversion?
13. What are some weather extremes on earth?
14. What causes dew and frost?
15. Does springtime drive the frost deeper?
16. Is the earth closer to the sun during summer?
17. How is the weather different below the equator?
18. What is seasonal affective disorder?
19. What are the wind chill factor and comfort index?
20. What is frostbite?
21. Why is the sky blue, sunsets red, and clouds white?
22. What is the ozone layer?
23. How does the air handle pollution?
24. What makes a desert?
25. Why do desert people often wear dark colors?
26. Has the space program affected our weather?
27. How do weather satellites work?
28. What is weather like on other planets?
29. What is solar wind?
30. What is evaporation?
PART II: Water, Wind, and Clouds
31. What is the water cycle?
32. Why do lakes freeze from the top down?
33. How does water moderate our weather?
34. What causes the wind?
35. What makes the sound of wind?
36. How is wind like the Holy Spirit?
37. Why do weather systems have circular motion?
38. What is the jet stream?
39. What causes the mysterious circles in British fields?
40. What causes clouds?
41. How are clouds named?
42. What causes fog?
43. Why do jets sometimes leave contrails?
44. What are noctilucent clouds?
PART III: Stormy Weather
45. Is there a lull before a storm?
46. Does Psalm 29 describe a storm?
47. What causes rain and snow?
48. What are biblical reasons for rain?
49. Has it ever rained frogs or fish?
50. What is acid rain?
51. How does cloud seeding work?
52. What gives a snowflake its shape?
53. Is every snowflake different?
54. What are some useful properties of snow?
55. What causes thunder and lightning?
56. What is lightning good for?
57. Can lightning strike the same place twice?
58. Do certain trees tend to attract lightning?
59. What is ball lightning?
60. What is Saint Elmo’s fire?
61. What happens to thunder?
62. How do lightning rods work?
63. What causes a rainbow?
64. What makes a squall line?
65. What causes chinook or Santa Ana winds?
66. Why does the Sea of Galilee have sudden storms?
67. Are there storehouses for the hail?
68. Why is a downburst dangerous to aircraft?
69. What causes tornadoes and hurricanes?
70. What is El Nino?
71. Does God send deadly storms?
72. Is it okay to pray for rain?
PART IV: Past Weather
73. What was the pre-Flood climate like?
74. What was the vapor canopy?
75. Was there rain before the Flood?
76. Where did the Genesis Flood waters come from?
77. What was the weather like during the Flood?
78. What happened to the Flood waters
79. Was there an ice age?
80. What froze the woolly mammoths?
81. Did a climate change kill the dinosaurs?
82. What is the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction?
83. Was Greenland once green?
84. What was the climate of Jesus' time?
85. Has God controlled history with weather?
86. What was the Little Ice Age?
87. What caused the dust bowl of the 1930's?
88. Has the sun’s heat changed in the past?
89. Has our atmosphere evolved over time?
90. Is helium in the air an age indicator?
PART V: Future Weather
91. Is the earth warming?
92. What would a warmer or cooler earth be like?
93. What is the greenhouse effect?
94. How might rain forest destruction affect our weather?
95. Should Christians be concerned about the environment?
96. What is nuclear winter?
97. What is the future weather on an evolutionary time scale?
98. Do present-day weather changes predict the end of the world?
99. What weather events are predicted for the end times?
100. What will the weather be like during the millenium?