The True Easter Story - front cover.
Closed Captioned
50 minutes
Age Level:
Middle School to Adult

The True Story of Easter

The Promise Kept

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Travel with Ray Vander Laan to the land of Israel and discover fascinating truths about the events surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus. After viewing this DVD, the celebration of Easter will forever be a time of deeper, richer joy for you and your family. Experience a dramatic plunge into the vibrant history and culture of Israel.

The True Easter Story is not some superficial Holy Land travelogue. It’s a total immersion directed by historian Ray Vander Laan. Using his knowledge of ancient Jewish holidays and little-known customs, Vander Laan probes the true depth of the Easter story as it begins 2,000 years earlier with a simple promise between a man named Abraham and Almighty God.

God’s keeping of that promise reveals a beautifully intricate masterpiece of love for humankind, love fully realized centuries later in Jesus' resurrection and his gift of eternal life.

See 2,000-year-old tombs, much like the one that so temporarily held Jesus.

Additional features included on the DVD (from the “Faith Lessons” series)

  • Video: Hebrew Thinking
  • Video: Lamb of God

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