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Cover of God's Story: From Creation to Eternity
80 minutes
Age Level:
All Ages
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God’s Story

From Creation to Eternity

A breakthrough soul-winning movie! Presents a summary of the Bible from Creation to Eternity.

Available in over 170 languages! including all major languages of India

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Winner of Three Golden Halo Awards
Best Production / Best Direction / Best Screenplay

This film uses chronological Bible teaching methods to share the Gospel effectively—providing the whole story from the beginning, starting in Genesis.

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The Bible storytelling film, God’s Story: From Creation to Eternity, wonderfully impacts viewers of all ages, no matter their social or economic status, or their ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The reason for this success can be summed up in two words, “chronological storytelling.” This dynamic method of communication is not new. In fact, God used this style of presentation throughout the Bible.

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The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

Chronological teaching method

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In the New Testament, when the confused disciples on the road to Emmaus puzzled about Jesus' death on the cross, the risen promised Savior himself, Jesus Christ, came alongside scolding, “O slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!” Then, starting in Genesis, Jesus used the Old Testament Scripture to “explain things concerning himself.”

Description: There are no actors and relatively little live action in God’s Story. Nor is it full animation. The images are primarily original artwork produced for God’s Story by a talented former Disney artist. The camera effectively moves and zooms on the art, and is sometimes combined with live action backgrounds.

The strength of this production is in the quality of the script (basically letting the Word speak for itself) and the narration by actor Dean Jones.

God’s Story has been used greatly of God in many nations where it is much appreciated and is winning many to Christ. (Read about the results!)

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We’ve presented this movie to soul-winners from all over the world—interest is phenomenal. The response to these evangelism videos is overwhelming.

See our God's Story Web site. God’s Story is available in numerous languages, and you can view, read, and listen to all the content on-line at our God’s Story Web site - ChristianAnswers.Net/godstory.
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Viewing options for this 80-minute panorama of the Bible

  1. 1 showing - Complete 80-minute showing.

  2. 2 showings - You can watch the movie in two natural parts, the first part being 33.5 minutes long and ending after Moses leads in the crossing of the Red Sea.

  3. 3 showings - You may view the movie in thirds. The breaks at the completion of each third have definite narration and visual endings. (Times given below do not include the credits at the beginning and end of film.)

Section I—Creation through Joseph, Genesis
26 minutes

Section II—Exodus through the Prophets (to end of Old Testament)
20.3 minutes

Section III—Jesus to Eternity, Matthew through Revelation (to end of New Testament)
28.5 minutes

  1. 14 showings - You may view 14 INDIVIDUAL STORIES. Each has a distinct beginning and ending in the narration, but most move quickly into the next story. The stories vary from 1 to 10 minutes in length.

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Stranger on the Road to Emmaus Also, see a great companion book to “God’s Story” — THE STRANGER ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS. It can be used with the movie, or alone, to win souls using the chronological Bible story teaching method.

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