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God’s Story

From Creation to Eternity

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“God’s Story is one of the most powerful Christian videos ever created. Dean Jones' narration is Academy Award caliber.”
- George Otis, Global Broadcasting Network

“The beauty of the video is that it cuts right across the barriers of illiteracy and education to share the Gospel.”
- Global Link, Prison Fellowship International

“…true to the Scriptures… fantastic method to communicate the gospel.”
- The Pentecostal Messenger Magazine

“Very true to the Bible… We plan to let all of our translators know about this new tool…”
Durk Meijer, Director of Vernacular Media Services (a division of Wycliffe)


Jeremiah Films asked author/Bible teacher Dorothy Miller to write the script to accompany Bible stories illustrated by ex Disney and Warner Bros artist Norm McGary. The vision was to design a chronological storytelling overview of the Bible. The plan of a one-narrator design allows it to be efficiently and cost effectively translated into world languages. Renowned Christian actor Dean Jones narrated the English version setting a standard for the languages soon to follow. In the first four years completed fifty languages versions.

Dorothy and her husband Tom ran multiple businesses including the largest equestrian riding school on the West Coast. Miller’s teaching mileage in the equestrian world (including producing world class riders) fine-tuned her communication skills. Her 35 years experience of leading Church youth groups and teaching Bible studies at their equestrian center taught her the value of foundational chronological storytelling in presenting the Gospel to people with little or no church background.

Her family business experience as well as skills gained from authoring added books, articles and video screen plays prepared her not only to write God’s Story but also later to be called to the directorship of The God’s Story Project.

Now as volunteer tentmakers, Miller and her husband oversee the production and distribution of this evangelism and discipleship tool.

Dorothy said, “The 80-minute video covers Creation, the Fall, Cain and Abel, and a succession of Old Testament stories which show not only man’s need for a Savior but also the Old Testament pre-pictures and prophecies of that Savior. When the New Testament stories come on the screen, even viewers who have never heard the Bible message recognize Jesus as the Savior promised from God.

“The result of the impact from God’s Story’s Old Testament foundational content is seen in letters coming to the office. One report said, 'For the first time the Buddhists are getting it!' Those working among Islamics say, 'Because of the time spent in the Old Testament establishing who Jesus really is, Muslims are understanding that He is not just another prophet.'

“After viewing God’s Story a group of 20 Palestinian pastors said, 'We have always just used the New Testament, because we thought the Old Testament was a Jewish book. We see now that God used the Jews to bring us Jesus, so we want to start using the whole Bible.”

Dorothy Miller then said that one missionary sought out what he considered the hardest to reach people in the world. “He chose the 1.5 million Qashqai people,” she said. “These Muslim Nomads, living in Iran, have no written language and only one known Believer! After a year, with the help of SIL staff, they completed the script and recorded the narrator. TGSP completed the production, disguising the voice of the storyteller for his safety. Since the audio portion of God's Story stands alone, Trans World Radio broadcast it and to everyone's delight twenty Qashqai wrote them, responding to the Gospel!”

Amsterdam 2000 “propelled the video into the mainstream of Christian use,” said Dorothy. “There, 796 evangelists committed to translate and narrate one or more new languages. As funds come in, some of these languages have been completed.

She said that one long-time Bible smuggler, who now delivers God’s Story to China along with Bibles, added a gift of a VCD player to his smuggled in items. The reports came back that an entire village of 400 people came to know Jesus after just one viewing.

She stated that since one in six homes in the USA do not speak English as their first language, Christians interested in reaching the mission fields of ethnic pockets in their own neighborhoods have begun using God’s Story.

“In New Jersey, immigrants from Albania found the Lord through a gift copy of God’s Story in Albanian,” said Dorothy. “They shared it with other immigrants and an Albanian church was planted from the new those believers. After forty years of embracing Islam, a newly saved couple gave out audiocassettes of God’s Story in Farsi at their Iranian New Year’s celebration. They reported weeks later, 'Our church has doubled in size!'

“Days after 9/11 a young believer in California gave an Arabic copy to a Muslim neighbor. This entire Middle Eastern family was hiding in fear behind closed doors and drawn drapes. Hesitatingly they received the gift. A few day later they warmly welcomed the young man into their home and asked, 'Where can we go to find out more about what we saw in the video?'”

Author: Dan Wooding Founder of ASSIST Ministries

Excerpts from a letter received from a medical missionary using the Russian version of God’s Story inside Russian prisons and orphanages. She began with 100 copies which were soon used in more than 1000 showings. Later, requested thousands more videos to place in the hands of guards and prisoners returning to their homes!
“The Russians, who are very artistically inclined, were very impressed by the video portion, the music, and of course the outstanding presentation of the Gospel. They referred to it as being very “precious,” and teachers, guards, doctors, and nurses all asked if they could have copies for their families too.

Even three priests of the Russian Orthodox Church were asking for copies for their Sunday schools and congregations.

Not only is the music and artistry the best I have seen, but the power is so great because it is purely the Gospel and Scripture. I saw it reaching both the intellectuals and children.

In Russia, a video is a very special and precious commodity, so I just cannot express how many people these videos are going to reach. They will be shown whenever people visit, and shared with family and friends.

At Prison #6, they do wood burning carving of furniture, etc., and the director told me that they reward the men by showing them videos. He volunteered that when they showed it [God’s Story], over 50% of the men showed evidence of a changed life. He was very impressed by that fact as these were very serious criminals.

….I would be willing to be a donor to it to any [other languages]…

I have the opportunity to reach hundreds of prisons and am good friends with the highest officers in command. I can now see a way to get the Gospel to more prisons than I can reach as these officers drive daily to oversee and evaluate these prisons and are willing to take the video and booklets to them.

The children and non-criminals respond from 90-95% and up. I have seen whole rooms stand to pray for salvation.

In Christ’s Love,

Patricia M. Lindsay, M.D.

More results…

“Our people are already using this video widely to complement the Mission’s evangelistic efforts. We have found that it is an excellent video to show before we show the 'Jesus' video. The reason being, that it explains who Jesus is and why He came. Many in Japan see the Jesus video and think He was a good man with good teachings like Buddha or Mohammed. The fact that Jesus is the Son of the one and only God - and they are one, is lost. God’s Story makes it clear that Jesus was sent of God as part of a great redemptive plan.”

“My wife and I have been in Senegal since 1981, seeking to get the Gospel out to the Muslim community here. I just watched the English version of 'God’s Story' and am very impressed… a superb job in bringing together the essentials of the story and plan of salvation… and all in a little more than one hour. What a powerful presentation of the message of the prophets and the redemptive work of Christ! In my opinion, this video has potential to make a greater impact for the progress of the Gospel than any other film in history (at least in the Muslim context)!”

“I love this video. I’d been trying for a long time to witness to my 12 year-old step-sister and I bought this video hoping she would watch it with me. She did, and afterwards she prayed, asking Jesus to be her Savior. Now she walks around the house singing praise songs!”

CHINA (from Non-Christians viewing Mandarin)
“This is the best tool in Mandarin for the Gospel we have ever seen.”
“We never realized as much that God had such a marvelous plan for mankind until we saw this film!”
“It gave us a deeper insight about the Christian God.”
“It challenged me to take more serious thoughts about God!”

We just heard from a missionary working among Arabs. He showed the God’s Story video to 20 Christian-Arab pastors. Their response. “We only use the New Testament to teach our people because the Old Testament is about Jews. But now, after seeing this video, we understand why it is written that way. God used the Jews to bring us Jesus. We will now use the Old and New Testaments.”


Dr. Lindsay continues to tell us about the success of the God’s Story video in her prison outreach. “My team can set up a TV in the hall between the cells and everyone watches the showing. The God’s Story video continues to bring prisoners to the Lord. It won’t surprise me if we see millions in heaven that came to know Jesus through the video.

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