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Adults, teens and families

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Available in 60 languages, including:

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The Hope

The Story of God’s Promise for All People

a powerful chronological overview of God’s redemptive story from Genesis to Revelation

Now available in numerous languages

ChristianAnswers’ top video recommendation for effective evangelism

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About the mission of this film…
Scenes from The HOPE. Photos copyrighted.
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There is a source of hope and help for you and me, a book unlike any other in all the world. It is the most quoted, the most published, most translated book in human history.

Known as the Bible, this book was written by more than 40 people from various walks of life, living over a period of 1500 years. Yet, as if the authors were guided by an unseen hand, there emerges from its pages one story of eternal proportions, centered around one extraordinary character… One who will deliver the world from death.

Created in cooperation with motion picture producers and distributors around the world, this unique motion picture provides a powerful, dramatic summary of this incredible story… a story many have called the greatest story ever told.

This motion picture has it all!


Just imagine having a presentation of the biblical story you could be proud to show to your unsaved friends. One that connects with the deep questions in every human heart: Why am I here? Is there a God? What happens when I die? And then the presents the Bible as an authoritative, credible source for answers to those questions.

“the most powerful presentation of the gospel on video that we have ever seen—with ‘zero embarrassment’ factor”
   —Ken James, Christian Spotlight on the Movies

Even the most media sophisticated viewer will be impressed by The Hope’s dramatic interpretations, lifelike special effects, moving soundtrack and compelling story.

Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.

The HOPE is a dramatic motion picture presentation of God’s redemptive story as revealed in 36 Biblical events from Creation through the Second Coming of Christ. It includes some of the most beautiful cinematic presentations of the Bible ever filmed. With a high priority on quality, The HOPE was produced on 35mm film (same as hollywood movies). It contains numerous digital effects. Nearly 4 years in the making, The HOPE was produced by mature and respected Christians who have produced effective evangelism films for over 20 years - used of God to lead thousands to Christ.

Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.


Ever wondered why so few people seem to understand the Gospel these days? For many, the problem is that they have simply never had the whole story clearly explained from the beginning — and so they are left confused.

Today, soul-winners world-wide are rediscovering the effectiveness of sharing the Gospel chronologically—starting in Genesis. That is what this movie does. The approach is wise and effective. More souls are being won as a result!

Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.

Special effects are used to show the creation of the universe and man, revealing the basic attributes and character of God. The story then proceeds to telling of the fall of the angels, the fall of man, the entrance of sin into the world, the penalty of sin being death, the impending judgment and the promised deliver. Then the foundation of God’s redemptive purpose is laid through the calling of Abraham, the establishment of Israel and the sacrificial system requiring the shedding of blood of the unblemished lamb for the forgiveness of sins.

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Finally, the promised deliver is born, His life, love and ministry are displayed and His death and resurrection are portrayed. The church is then established and sent through time to bring God’s story to all mankind so that everyone might have a chance to respond.

The film ends with an effective summary review and a challenge to respond to Christ.

Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted. Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted. Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.

The dramatic biblical scenes and special effects of this epic effort are tied together by three on-screen storytellers. At times, these storytellers appear in front of the biblical scenes they are describing. At other times, the drama powerfully conveys the story without the support of a storyteller.

The use of storytellers in The HOPE serves two critical functions. First, they provide an effective overview, commentary, and continuity necessary to cover 36 biblical events in less than 80 minutes. Secondly, because The HOPE was produced with digital technology, storytellers can be easily changed to create foreign language versions. In this way, the biblical story becomes very culturally relevant to the viewers because they see and hear the story from someone of their own culture in their own language.

Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.
Discover the POWER of Chronological Story Telling

Missionaries world-wide are rediscovering the effectiveness of sharing the Gospel by utilizing the same chronological Bible story telling presentation used by Jesus on the Emmaus road. In fact, no matter how primitive or sophisticated a society may be, the best way to communicate truths such as the Gospel is still through the avenue of story telling.

New Tribes Mission is an example of an organization that moved from the traditional missionary approach of topical teaching to much more successful chronological Bible story telling. They now deliver the Gospel beginning with the foundational stories that present: The Creator God, humankind’s creation and fall, and people’s need to trust God’s provision of a substitutionary sacrifice.

Teachers begin in the Old Testament using Bible stories that point to the lost condition of all people, and of God’s promise that one day, a Savior would come to provide salvation for all humankind. After several months, the teaching of the New Testament stories of Jesus begin. At that point, even previously unreached people-groups easily recognize Jesus as the promised Savior from God.

Missionaries who switched to “chronological Bible story telling” report that instead of waiting many years for their first convert among unreached people groups, they now see an 80% conversion rate in only a few months—with evidence of changed lives!

TEACHES THE WHOLE STORY - A Biblically Based, Field Proven Approach to Evangelism

Many people in our modern post-Christian culture do not have a worldview through which they can truly understand a Gospel presentation that moves quickly toward a decision for Jesus. To effectively present the gospel, we must start at the beginning in Genesis and build a foundation of key Biblical truths. This is best accomplished by simply sharing the story of the Bible in chronological context. See article: “How to teach the Bible chronologically”

People. Copyright 2002, Mars Hill.
The HOPE is a powerful personal ministry tool to help the body of Christ share God’s redemptive story with people from every tongue, tribe and nation.

Portable DVD playerShow it in tiny Indian village on a portable DVD player or laptop computer. In suburban America, groups of churches can mass distribute The HOPE as an evangelistic tract on DVD. Keep copies in your pocket to give to unbelieving business acquaintances and friends. The possibilities are endless!

Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted. AN EFFECTIVE DISCIPLESHIP TOOL
To help disciple believers to a deeper level in their newfound faith, The HOPE was created in teachable units so that classes can be built around each. There are four major sections comprised of 12 chapters and 36 biblical events. Four discussions can be built around the four sections. At a deeper level, a 12 unit Sunday school program or Bible study can be built around the 12 chapters. Finally, at a more detailed level, 36 classes could be built around the 36 biblical events.

In the early stages of developing the concept for The HOPE, the producer went to many of the ministries using the renowned JESUS Film and asked them, “Do you see the need for a media tool in addition to The JESUS Film, and if so, what should it look like?” They began to see a common response. They all wanted something that:

  1. had the production quality to reach even the most media sophisticated cultures,
  2. was about an hour
  3. was sensitive to the culture in which they were ministering, and
  4. told the whole story, creation through Christ.
This input shaped the concept for The HOPE.

Many Christian ministries were consulted during the design and editing stage of The HOPE, including AD2000 & Beyond, New Tribes Missions, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Youth for Christ International, The JESUS Film Project, and Christian Answers.

“In a time when instant solutions are sought, it is gratifying to see a project like The HOPE which takes the time to use the fabric of scripture to prepare the human heart for true understanding of the Gospel.”
Don Pederson, Chairman, New Tribes Missions Research & Planning

“Who says that technology can’t be redeemed as The HOPE proclaims the excellencies of His Name in CD-ROM, DVD, video, print, film, cassette, Web and other formats! The accessibility of this tool using all kinds of these Buck Rogers communications gadgets brands The HOPE as the Gospel Project of the 21st Century.”
Bill Stearns, Contributing Editor, World Christian Magazine and Co-author, Run With the Vision

Show The HOPE in a single showing or in sections (over a period of days, weeks or months), or both

SECTION ONE - 15:09 min.

Introduction - 3:11
  1. The Universal Question - Is There a Purpose?
  2. The Voice - Recorded for All Time in a Book
Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.
Chapter 1 - In the Beginning - 4:51
  1. The Story Begins with God - His Attributes
  2. Creation - A Reflection of God’s Power & Nature
Chapter 2 - The Choice - 3:07
  1. The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge
  2. The Rebellion of Satan and The Creation of Hell
Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.
Chapter 3 - The Deadly Disease - 4:00
  1. The Deception & Fall of Man
  2. A Deadly Spiritual Disease Enters the World
  3. The First Promise of a Deliverer

SECTION TWO - 22:31 min.

Chapter 4 - Prelude to the Promise - 3:26
  1. God Was Grieved - The Great Flood
  2. The Beginning of the Nations - The Tower of Babel
Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted. Chapter 5 - Blessed to be a Blessing - 5:45
  1. The Calling of Abraham
  2. Abraham Offers His Son - God Provides a Substitute
Chapter 6 - People of the Promise - 8:22
  1. Isaac, Jacob & Joseph - The Promise Lives
  2. God Prepares Moses to Lead the Hebrew People
  3. God Brings the Hebrew People Out of Slavery
Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.
Chapter 7 - Called to Walk in the Ways of God - 4:58
  1. God Gives the Hebrew People the Law
  2. The Need for a Deliverer

SECTION THREE - 16:12 min.

Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.
Chapter 8 - The Promised One - 9:17
  1. The Birth of the Promised Deliverer
  2. Jesus as a Child
  3. The Baptism of Jesus
  4. The Temptation of Jesus
Chapter 9 - The Ministry of Jesus - 6:55
  1. Jesus Calls His Disciples
  2. The Ministry of Jesus
  3. Jesus Offends the Religious Leaders
  4. Jesus States His Mission

SECTION FOUR - 24:11 min.

Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.

Chapter 10 - God’s Love and Justice Intersect - 13:00
  1. Jesus Confronts the Religious Leaders
  2. Jesus Final Hours with His Disciples
  3. The “Trial” of Jesus
  4. The Crucifixion of Jesus
Chapter 11 - He Has Risen - 4:00
  1. The Burial of Jesus
  2. The Resurrection of Jesus
  3. Post-Resurrection Appearances
Scene from The HOPE. Photo copyrighted.
Chapter 12 - The Church - Yesterday, Today, and Forever - 3:29
  1. The Coming of The Spirit
  2. His Followers Through the Ages
Conclusion and Summary - 3:42
  1. His Invitation to You

The Hope DVD INCLUDES non-commercial public showing rights! (not including TV broadcast). It was produced by our friends at Mars Hill Productions, in cooperation with numerous Christian experts and ministries.