Closed Captioned
95 minutes
Age Level:
10 to Adult


Left Behind: The Movie

Starring: Kirk Cameron as Buck, Chelsea Noble as Hattie, Clarence Gilyard as Pastor Barnes, Brad Johnson as Rayford, Gordon Currie as Nicolae, Janaya Stephens as Chloe, and Colin Fox as Chaim Rosensweig

Feature film based on the best-selling book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

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From the producers who brought you Apocalypse, Revelation, and Tribulation comes the long-awaited end-times thriller based on the best-selling novel by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins — Left Behind: The Movie.

Released on video November 2000 and theatrical release February 2001

Millions of people have mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth. Why? And what will become of those who have been left behind? Based on the thrilling bestseller by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, Left Behind: The Movie will take you to the chaotic aftermath of the Rapture prophesied in Scripture. Watch as the Antichrist makes his way to power… as Rayford Steele seeks the truth… and as it becomes more and more dangerous to defy the new world leader by professing faith in Christ. The suspense will keep you in your seat, the message will invite your loved ones into eternity with Jesus Christ. Don’t miss this riveting drama. This big budget production has real potential for evangelism, wrapped in a story of danger, excitement, and intrigue.

Cloud Ten executive Byron Jones says, “Throughout history, only the Bible has sparked such a great interest as that of the Left Behind book series. Although in November 2000, Left Behind: The Movie will be coming out on video to the Christian community, we don’t want to stop there. We want to reach out to the lost and to those seeking answers in our world today. With the recent increase in end-time apocalyptic films from the secular world, such as Contact, The Matrix, and Mission To Mars, the mainstream studios are trying to give the secular community an explanation as to the origins of life.

This edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller, with top level acting and a compelling story will definitely captivate audiences across America.”

“With a $17.4 million budget, the biggest yet for a film of its kind ‘Left Behind: The Movie’ is viewed by Christian filmmakers as the genre’s potential ‘Star Wars’.”
   —Entertainment Weekly

“Christian thriller No. 1… starring Kirk Cameron of 'Growing Pains' fame.”
   —Chicago Tribune

Left Behind is worth your time. The acting and directing are top quality. Both as entertainment and as a catalyst for spiritual truth, it delivers!”
   —Christian Spotlight on the Movies

Produced by Cloud Ten Pictures