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Fast facts on the origin of species

  • Science has discovered no scientific proof that animals or plants can truly Evolve.
  • The best established facts of genetics, biology, and botany studies do not favor Evolutionism.
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Are Evolutionists correct, is there clear biological proof that a single-celled animal could eventually evolve into man, given enough time?
  • What are the Genesis “kinds”? Answer
    by Dr. Wayne Frair (Barminology—classification of created organisms)
  • Can genetic mutations produce positive changes in living creatures? Answer
    Are mutations responsible for evolution from amoeba to man? (evolutionism and the blind watchmaker)
  • Where did cancer come from? Answer
    A Christian doctor of pathology discusses the true nature of cancer and its fascinating connection to the Edenic curse which followed Adam and Eve's sin.
  • Kangaroos—Where do they come from? Why the pouch? Why do they hop? Did they evolve from some other animal? Answer
  • Did horses evolve from a small fox-like animal? Answer
    Many textbooks teach that the horse has evolved from only 61 centimeters to its present state of over 2 meters over a 60 million year period. But learn what inconsistencies the textbooks don't teach about the horse's evolution.
  • Why do flightless birds have wings? Answer
  • CHARLES DARWIN—Was he a Christian? Did he believe in God? Did he recant evolutionism when he died? Answer
Streaming video— 
“A Question of Origins”
The molecules-to-man theory has no direct evidence to support it. This film exposes the blind speculation and Evolutionsim bias in three areas of science: Cosmology, Chemistry and Biology. Did the Solar System evolve out of the Big Bang? Can chemical compounds spontaneously evolve into life? Does evolution explain the great variety of life on Earth?
Length: 60 min.
Produced by Eternal Productions / Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

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