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A Bethelite is a person of Bethel.

A man named Hiel, who rebuilt Jericho, is referred to as a Bethelite.

He experienced the curse pronounced long before for raising up Jericho.

The curse

Then Joshua charged them at that time, saying, “Cursed be the man before the Lord who rises up and builds this city Jericho; he shall lay its foundation with his firstborn, and with his youngest he shall set up its gates.” —Joshua 6:26 NKJV

Its fulfillment

Hiel of Bethel built Jericho. He laid its foundation with Abiram his firstborn, and with his youngest son Segub he set up its gates, according to the word of the Lord, which He had spoken through Joshua the son of Nun. —1 Kings 16:34 NKJV excerpt

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Article Version: July 2, 2021