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also known as: Herodium, Herodeion

This is the name of a person and a place.

  1. The Herodion, Herod the Great’s massive fortress and palace—built on an artificial hill 2,487 feet above sea level (758 meters)—south of Bethlehem and Jerusalem

    Herodion ruins panorama
    Photographer: Eitan Ya'aran (2012)

    Archaeologists began excavation of the Herodion in 1962. The ruins are now a national park controlled by the Israel National Parks Authority.

    Ruins of the Herodion—recent satellite view

    See the Christian archaeological Biblical teaching video which describes this ancient fortress: On the Life & Ministry of the Messiah (“In the Shadow of Herod,” part of the Faith Lessons video series). “Born in the shadow of Herod’s great fortress and established in our hearts, the kingdom of Jesus will endure forever.”

  2. Herodion, a Christian at Rome whom Paul salutes and calls his “kinsman” (Romans 16:11)

Article Version: March 13, 2018