This was the name of 3 biblical men.

  1. Justus, a longtime disciple of Christ who was an eye-witness of His resurrection

    He was also known by the name Joseph Barsabas.

    He and Matthias are mentioned only in Acts 1:23.

    “They must have been among the earliest disciples of Jesus, and must have been faithful to the end; they must have been well known and esteemed among the brethren. What became of them afterwards, and what work they did, are entirely unknown” (Lindsay's Acts of the Apostles).

  2. Justus, a Jewish Christian (proselyte) at Corinth

    It was in his house, next door to the synagogue, that Paul held meetings and preached after he left the synagogue (Acts 18:7).

  3. Justus, a Jewish Christian, also called Jesus

    He was Paul’s only fellow-laborer in Rome, where he wrote his Epistle to the Colossians (Col. 4:11).