Who is…

a shortened form of Micaiah

Meaning: Who is like Jehovah?

This is the name of 5 biblical men.

  1. The prophet Micah, “the Morasthite,” so called to distinguish him from Micaiah, the son of Imlah (1 Kings 22:8)

    He was a prophet of Judah, a contemporary of Isaiah (Micah 1:1), a native of Moresheth of Gath (1:14-15). Very little is known of the circumstances of his life (compare Jeremiah 26:18-19).

    He wrote the Book of Micah.

  2. Micah, a man of Mount Ephraim

    His history so far is introduced in Judges 17, apparently for the purpose of leading to an account of the settlement of the tribe of Dan in Northern Israel, and for the purpose also of illustrating the lawlessness of the times in which he lived (Judges 18; 19:1-29; 21:25).

  3. Micah, the son of Merib-baal (Mephibosheth), 1 Chronicles 8:34-35

  4. Micah, the first in rank of the priests of the family of Kohathites (1 Chronicles 23:20)

  5. Micah, a descendant of Joel the Reubenite (1 Chronicles 5:5)