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Hebrew: שֵׁשְׁבַּצַּר —transliteration: Sheshbatstsar —meaning: “O sun-god, defend the lord!”

Cyrus king of Persia brought them out by the hand of Mithredath the treasurer, and counted them out to Sheshbazzar the prince of Judah. …All the articles of gold and silver were five thousand four hundred. All these Sheshbazzar took with the captives who were brought from Babylon to Jerusalem. —Ezra 1:8,11 NKJV

This is probably the Babylonian name given to the exiled Prince Zerubbabel of Judah (Ezra 2:2; Hag. 1:12; 1:14; Zechariah 4:6; 4:10).

Article Version: July 12, 2019