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Hebrew: תֵּבֵץ

also known as: Tebets

This is an ancient Canaanite town about 11 miles northeast of Shechem, on the road to Scythopolis (the modern Beit She'an, Israel).

Thebez is located west of the Jordan Valley at the modern city of Tubas in Israel.

The name Thebez appears three times in Scripture—Judges 9:50; 2 Samuel 11:21.

Modern Tubas, Israel (satellite view), site of ancient Thebez

The people of Thebez revolted against King Abimelech. He then led his army against this place, because of its participation in the conspiracy of the men of Shechem; but as he drew near to the strong tower to which its inhabitants had fled for safety, and was about to set fire to it, “a woman threw an upper millstone on Abimelech’s head, crushing his skull.” His armor bearer thereupon “pierced him through, and he died” (Judges 9:50-55).

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