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September 10, 1999

Dear Visitors and Supporters,

Thanks for your interest in the Christian Answers Network ministry. Here's some of the latest news, needs, praises and prayer requests.

Two large, new Web projects have recently been completed. Both are designed for effective evangelism and discipleship:

Click here for God's Story Online.

God's Story On-line
This provides a multimedia journey through the Bible, in chronological order. It summarizes Gods story from Creation to eternity. Designed for all ages, it presents more than 140 original pictures, plus audio narration in multiple languages. [Take a look]

God's Story is designed primarily for SOUL-WINNING, although its also a valuable refresher for Christians. The message has been carefully tested. It is designed to effectively deal with a common soul-winning problem. Many people today are like the “Greeks” that the apostle Paul spoke to at Mars Hill, they lack the background to understand the Gospel. In Paul's time, if you presented the Gospel to a Jew, you could go directly to proving that the Messiah had come. The Jews understood the foundations for Christ's claims, so they weren't confused by the basic message.

But if you started at the same point with a “Greek” who knew nothing about the foundations, it often sounded like foolishness. So Paul and Peter used a different technique with the “Greeks”, they started at the beginning, in Genesis--first introducing the Creator, Creation, the Fall, etc., before moving to Christ, the Messiah.

That is the approach of God's Story.

Christian Answers WebBible

There's nothing like reading the Word of God for one's self. For that reason, we have added the complete Bible on-line with valuable cross-referencing to-and-from our on-line answers. Both these projects are already proving their value.

The Web Bible allows visitors to search the Scriptures conveniently while on-line. We are cross-referencing the Bible with the answers (to-and-from) (example: See Genesis 1). When you read our on-line answers, you can read the biblical CONTEXT with the click of a mouse (example)—even compare translations.

The Web Bible is a convenient way to read and search the scriptures. [Try it!] For your convenience, it has its own domain name, www.WebBible.Net.

CHRISTIAN VIDEOS FOR PRISONS—We continue to provide free sets of evangelism videos (English and Spanish) to needy Christian chaplains and volunteers who need them to evangelize and disciple prisoners. These sets of videos are often worth hundreds of dollars each. On my desk, I have new requests from over 125 more chaplains throughout the U.S. and Canada. They are excited about the prospects and greatly need these videos, but they don't have the funds. We need your help for purchasing and shipping more videos. This is a very effective ministry. Many prisoners are being saved. Why is this so effective? This is the TV generation, and there are far more prisoners than chaplains can handle. Many prisoners are not fluent in English, so our Spanish videos are very valuable to chaplains. Great, Christ-centered videos and prayer are the key. Please help meet the needs!

SPANISH TRANSLATION HELP NEEDED. I recently received yet another message like this from a visitor to ChristianAnswers.Net: "We NEED more Spanish Answers PLEASE!!!!!!!!!" He's right. The need is great. Volunteers are key to the ChristianAnswers ministry. We can't provide these spiritual answers to the Spanish-speaking world without the help of translation volunteers. Our staff is far too small.

If you are interested in serving the Lord in this way, I can assure you that your labor will produce much fruit. ChristianAnswers.Net receives over 1.5-million hits per week. Souls are being saved. Faith is being strengthened. Christians are getting the information they need to effectively share and defend their faith. Not only will your translations go to work on the Internet, but many missionaries, pastors, and other Christian workers are printing out these answers to share with people face-to-face on numerous mission fields.

Please look through our site for any material that remains untranslated (there is much). The Spanish home page shows what is done so far.


Click here.FINANCES-- Donations have dropped well below needs this summer. This situation is serious. Your help is needed! If you are in a position to help, please do so. We will put your donation to work in projects that make a difference—helping many, and not just a few.

Click here. JAPANESE-LANGUAGE WEBMASTER and a CHINESE-LANGUAGE WEBMASTER—Please pray that the Lord will supply qualified volunteers to coordinate the translation of ChristianAnswers.Net into Japanese and Chinese. There are many Asian seekers who would benefit greatly. We have many requests for translations in these languages.

The Christian Answers Network is a nonprofit, evangelical ministry made possible by the volunteer help and donations of many concerned Christians. This ministry is based on team work between like-minded Christian ministries, a small paid staff, and hundreds of volunteers.

Rejoicing as we work together in the Lords service,
Paul S. Taylor
Executive Director
Christian Answers Network
Films for Christ

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More about this ministry (more news and more info)

Films for Christ Statement of Faith

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