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Dear Visitors and Supporters,

Thanks for your interest in the Christian Answers Network ministry.

Good news! The ChristianAnswers.Net server is now receiving well over 6-million hits a month. There are now thousands of Web pages in the ChristianAnswers.Net domain, dozens of home pages, and visitors regularly coming from almost every nation on Earth. We praise the Lord for what He is doing! [Read more about the ministry]

Computing Today cover - May/June 1999

COMPUTING TODAY MAGAZINE - The May/June issue of Computing Today included a nice review of our very popular Kid Explorers site. The magazine is a publication of Christianity Today, Inc.

Film evangelist in Philippines.
Film evangelist at a crusade in the Philippines.

FILM EVANGELISTS - We are grateful for the continuing outreach of our Christian motion pictures into foreign lands. Recently we donated more sets of our 16mm films to various needy missionaries, saving them thousands of dollars. Some went to evangelists in Guatemala and communist Cuba. Forty-four copies were delivered to evangelists in Ghana. Ten films went to a missionary in the Philippines for use in tent revivals. During 1999, as the Lord provides, we are making a special effort to donate film prints to needy missionaries who will put them to work in evangelism on foreign mission fields. We thank the Lord that each day these unique Christian videos and books go out to spread the Word of God and win souls for Christ.

NOAH'S ARK-- In response to the recent, appallingly inaccurate TV mini-series “Noahs Ark,” ChristianAnswers.Net quickly posted a number of answers about Noah and the Flood. There has been a great deal of interest. An answer on school violence was also posted.

EVANGELISM CONFERENCE-- I recently enjoyed the privilege of attending the world's first major Internet Evangelism Conference, where I spoke briefly to the 250 attendees. Christian Answers Network is one of the pioneers Web evangelism and discipleship. I came back inspired to do more and pray more than ever as we reach out with the Good News of Christ to searching hearts. Watch for upcoming developments.

CREATION/EVOLUTION-- We are in the process of making major improvements to our section on Creation/Evolution. It is now the Creation SuperLibrary and is becoming an even more valuable resource for seekers and searchers throughout the World. [prayer request]

“SEX”-- For weeks recently at, whenever someone typed in the keyword “sex”, there was a surprising result. Our Sex, Love and Relationships section popped up at the TOP of the “sex” search results list! Praise the Lord! Pornographers pay tens of thousands of dollars for a Number One spot on a major search engine. Somehow, the Lord provided it to ChristianAnswers.Net for free. (God must have a sense of humor or irony.) However this mysterious thing happened, great numbers of people were exposed to the truth about Gods plan for sex, helped to confront their problems with sexual addiction, understand the consequences of pornography, and more.

CHRISTIAN SPOTLIGHT ON THE MOVIES-- Our extremely popular movie review site now has its own domain name,

NEW OFFICE, LOWER COSTS-- Our continuing goal is to be as efficient as possible with the Lords money. Our staff feels a strong responsibility to every supporter. In an effort to further reduce ministry expenses, we recently moved to lower cost quarters, a building 3 miles from our previous location. (See the new address below.) It was a difficult decision, because it means much tighter quarters and some other problems. However, it cuts our monthly office space costs in half! We thank the Lord for supplying this new place after months of searching. The Lord brought it to our attention the very day that we had to make our final decision.

Incidentally, on that day, little did we know how much the Lord was protecting us. The office space that had been at the top of our list would be consumed by fire at just the time when we would have been fully moved in.


VOLUNTEERS-- Pray for Christian volunteers who help seekers on a one-to-one basis through e-mail, dealing with many difficult questions and situations. Also pray for Dan Mackie, our hard-working volunteer Coordinator of that ministry. Please also remember the volunteer Coordinator of our Creation SuperLibrary, Tom Henderson, retired from NASA.

Click here.FINANCES-- We are now heading into the slow summer months, and donations are falling well below what is needed each month. Please pray that donations will increase by thousands of dollars to meet the financial needs in May and the coming months. Your help is needed!

Click here.NEW EMPLOYEE-- Please pray for the funds to hire a much needed new employee (an important step for us). The workload here is incredibly heavy, as we continue to meet the needs of many throughout the world. Without more help, we are slipping further behind.

JAPANESE-LANGUAGE WEBMASTER-- Please pray that the Lord will supply a qualified volunteer to coordinate the translation of ChristianAnswers.Net into Japanese. There are many Japanese seekers who would benefit greatly.

The Christian Answers Network is a nonprofit, evangelical ministry made possible by the volunteer help and donations of many concerned Christians. This ministry is based on team work between like-minded Christian ministries, a small paid staff, and hundreds of volunteers.

Please support ChristianAnswers.Net. Rejoicing as we work together in the Lords service,
Paul S. Taylor
Executive Director
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