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ChristianAnswers.Net is a ministry of Films for Christ. Films for Christ was founded in 1959. ChristianAnswers.Net receives about 7.8-million hits per month. The site currently has almost 4000 thousand pages and grows weekly. The ChristianAnswers.Net domain has 36 home pages, and regularly receives visitors from almost every nation. The sites are being translated into 15 languages. We praise the Lord for what He is doing! [Read more about the ministry]

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Our Statement of Faith

January 7, 1999

Dear Visitors and Supporters,

During 1999 we (Films for Christ) ministered to well over 10,000 people each day in 150 nations, in hundreds of prisons and schools, many thousands of churches, and millions of homes and offices. This was done with amazing cost-effectiveness through our Christian videos, national and local TV showings, literature distribution, and the Internet.

Various new projects were also completed in 1999. Our large expansion project into prisons produced major increases in outreach. Much overall expansion and improvement was made in our Christian Answers Network ministry, resulting in a 50% increase in hits (now over 7.8-million per month). We also opened various valuable, new Web sites, including, God's Story, and the Creation SuperLibrary.

Paul Taylor with packaged video libraries (Photo copyrighted, Films for Christ)
Paul Taylor with part of the latest shipment of evangelism video libraries we donated to needy prison chaplains throughout North America.

Each day our videos and books go out to plant seeds and win souls for Christ. Last month, with the help of kind volunteers, Star and I were privileged to package and mail close to 1,000 evangelism and discipleship videos to give to 111 different prisons throughout North America.

Photo copyrighted, Films for Christ
Volunteers who helped package our most recent shipment of videos for prison chaplains.

Each prison chaplain that received one of these initial video evangelism libraries had expressed a great desire for Christian videos to use in winning prisoners to Christ. But, in each case, the chaplain simply lacked the money to buy them. In a step of faith, we have met their initial needs with almost $20,000 worth of videos. From past experience, we know that many prisoners will be saved as a result. We are trusting the Lord to provide finances to meet these expenses, as well as the needs of other chaplains who are waiting for help.

Many years ago, the Lord laid on my heart a special burden for the souls of prisoners. Most of us rarely stop to think of the hundreds of thousands of men and women incarcerated within our nation's vast penal system. They are out of sight and out of mind - confined in places filled with incredible spiritual darkness, violence, sexual perversion, and demonic influence. These are lost souls, in desperate need of a changed life and a right relationship with Christ.

Yet, in the midst of this extreme spiritual darkness, there burns a shimmering light. Huddled in the prison chapels, prisoners gather for prayer. They pray for spiritual growth. They pray for the salvation of thieves, addicts, liars and murderers - people whose lives illustrate the utter futility of life without God.

Christian movies, with their dramatic ability to speak to the heart, provide a uniquely effective way of reaching these hardened and often illiterate men, women and young people.

It has been thrilling to watch God use this prison video ministry. Chaplains are overjoyed. They find these tools tremendously effective in attracting prisoners' interest and powerfully reaching them! Praise the Lord! Hearts that many thought were unreachable are being changed.

We rejoice at what the Lord is doing. It is our prayer that you will partner with us during the year 2000. There is much more to be done and funds are short! The world’s population recently passed 6-billion, making our mass communications ministry all the more vital.

Please support ChristianAnswers.Net.

With love in Christ,

Paul S. Taylor
Films for Christ

The Christian Answers Network is a nonprofit, evangelical ministry made possible by the volunteer help and donations of concerned Christians.

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