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THANK YOU to all visitors who sent donations to buy ChristianAnswers a much needed new Web server computer. It is already installed and working fine. This is a great help in dealing with the huge increase in visitors and expanding ministry. We greatly appreciate your kind help!

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Helping many overcome addictions to pornography

Never has America (and the world) faced such an onslaught of pornography, delivered through the Internet, magazines and videos. Porn has become a $13-billion-a-year industry in America, exceeding the combined annual revenues of Coca-Cola and McDonnell Douglas (source: An Affair of the Mind by Laurie Hall). Millions have become enslaved to selfish lusts that have consumed lives and devastated families. We are helping men and women, married and single. Our Sex, Love & Relationships Web site is making a difference--assisting 80-thousand people per month. Follow-up is done by e-mail. Praise God, lives are being changed through Christ!

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The Lord is bringing many precious Muslim souls to us, seeking truth. Photo copyrighted.We are prayerfully expanding our assistance to them by opening a special, Muslim-sensitive Web site. It will be based on loving and intelligent communication on issues that have proven most successful in helping Islamic people understand the importance and validity of faith in Jesus Christ.

Our project leader is being trained specifically for work among Muslims. We are receiving much cooperation from experts in this area of ministry.

Assisting the persecuted Church

There are various Muslim nations where Christians are being heavily persecuted. In Indonesia, for example, hundreds of churches have been burned. We are translating many of our Web pages into the Indonesian language. With your help, we are supplying important biblical information and resources to the persecuted church in this and many other nations through efficient, modern technology—and prayer.

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Helping children, parents and teachers

An awesome 237,000 visitors a month are taking advantage of our very popular ministry! The gospel is provided, along with Bible stories, answers to childrens questions, games, audio/video, Bible coloring pages and more. Children visit our faith-building site from schools and homes. The site is being translated into Spanish, Chinese and French. Sunday school teachers and missionaries regularly print-out our pages and share them with groups of children. The popularity of this ministry grows each month.

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Your gifts help solve discipleship and evangelism problem for teachers and parents. The teaching content in many Sunday schools and vacation Bible schools is rather weak. Also, many small church bodies and missions cannot afford to buy materials. We have responded by providing free lesson plans on-line. Teachers can download them at their convenience (almost anywhere in the world) and reproduce them, all free of charge. Lessons are complete with text, reinforcement tools/activities and quizzes. This fills a real need for quality, biblically accurate materials. A teacher writes,

"I recently found myself under quite constricting time constraints and was unable to prepare a lesson in time for childrens worship. Your pages came to my rescue. Your material is quite professional and complete. Most of all, the kids really loved it. Keep up the wonderful work."

See: ChristianAnswers.Net/lessons

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On-line video being used for evangelism

Video is a great way to communicate to people and get them thinking about deeper issues in their lives. Add video to the Internet, and we have a formula for reaching many. We are currently featuring a short film called "I Want to Know the Thoughts of God." We use it to introduce people to Christ. This is just one of many tools and methods we use for evangelism. Over 210,000 people per month are reading our various English presentations of the gospel. The angels rejoice at each new soul that is sealed in Christ, and as each Christian determines to rededicate their live to serving Christ at ChristianAnswers.

Now providing the latest news on Christian films

These are busy times for the production of new Christian films for release in theaters, on TV and video. We produced a Web site to provide the latest information on new films, upcoming projects, Christian movies for TV, and more.

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Prisoners reached for Christ

Chaplains in over 978 prisons and jails are using our Christian videos to win prisoners to Christ and disciple them. Showings continue to be made in prison Bible studies, cells and meetings. We are thrilled with the success of this outreach to incarcerated men and women. It is wonderful to hear of the souls that have been changed.


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