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I want to know the thoughts of God.
Description of 'I Want to Know the Thoughts of God'
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Step One: Watch the Video
For better understanding of what will be discussed on this page, watch the video so you can meet Ethan and find out what his questions are all about.

Step Two: Consider…
Now that you've watched the video, think about the questions brought up in the story. Do you have any of the same questions? Are you searching for answers like Ethan was?

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"I think that people are generally good…"
Q. I'm a pretty good person. Am I good enough to get to heaven, if there is a heaven? Answer
Q. Is there a hell? Answer

Ethan was orphaned as a young boy. Doesn't that seem cruel of God to allow that to happen?
Q. Does God feel our pain? Answer
Q. Why does God allow bad things happen to innocent people? Answer
Q. How did bad things come about? Answer
Q. Where did cancer come from? Answer

"Look at man's inventions…someone had to build it." Couldn't the same be said of life: of mankind and the animals?
Q. Where did life come from? Answer
Q. Was there a big bang? Answer
Q. Creation or Evolution - What difference does it make? Answer
Q. Creation—what evidence is there? Answer

There's no doubt that Ethan is a moral guy. Yet, even though he grew up in the heartland of a Christian nation, he doesn't seem to have a clear picture of God, the Bible, or Jesus.
Q. What is God's story, from creation to eternity? Answer
Q. Is the Bible true? Answer
Q. Who is Jesus? Answer
Q. Could Jesus’ resurrection really be true? Answer

As Ethan heads West, let's say his bus crashes and leads to his own death. When he wakes up on the other side of eternity where will he be? Heaven or Hell? Where would you find yourself? Why?

Step Three: Decide…
  1. Accept Jesus - I want to accept Christ.
    If you don't know how to accept Christ, see this.
    Please contact us.

  2. Reject Jesus - I don't believe any of this. I'm still skeptical.
  3. Rededicate - I'm already a follower of Christ, but I want to rededicate my life.
    See this advice for new and growing Christians.
  4. Wait - I have more questions. Or e-mail us..

The video was produced by Mike Jansen, Praxis Media Group.

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