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Ways to share your faith.
 A Powerful Paper Illustration of the Gospel
Step One

Get a sheet of paper… it will be well worth your while. Go on. This will be ideal for what I want to show you - you will have to trim the edge straight though (if you make a jagged edge while ripping it out).

Do exactly what I tell you (this may seem complex, but it is very simple). Fold the paper, from the top, down one third. You should now have a square piece in your hand.

Step TwoFold the left top corner into the middle and crease it down. Fold the right corner down and crease it, as though you are making a paper plane. You should now have something that looks like a house with a pointed roof.

Step ThreeContinue making a plane by folding the paper in half. Crease it down the center. You should now have something that looks like a paper plane before you fold the wings down. Now turn the point of the plane toward the ground, with the shorter edge to your left. Starting at the top left side, place your thumbs and fore-fingers a little more than a third across to the right, and carefully tear downwards in a straight line, until you have torn the piece off altogether.

Place the torn piece on a table where it won't blow away. Then rip off another (little more than a third), vertically (rip it as straight as you can). Place this piece with the other, then put the remaining (long) piece on the table, away from the other two strips. Now open the two pieces, and carefully make them into letters. You will find two “L's,” and the other pieces of paper will form the letters “E” and “H.” When you put them all together, you will have the word “HELL” (if you have been careful to do exactly as I said). The remaining long piece, when opened, will form a perfect cross.

Here is the story that goes with this:

A Christian was once talking to an atheist and someone who went to church. The atheist said he didn't believe in God, Heaven, Hell, the Cross (as you are telling this story, begin folding the paper). The Christian warned him that he would have to face God whether he believed in Him or not. The church-goer said he believed everything the Bible said, but he hadn't repented as yet.

While the Christian pleaded with them both, a truck came around the corner, up onto the sidewalk and killed all three of them.

As they stood before the Judgment Throne of God, the ex-atheist looked down and saw a piece of paper in the Christian's hand. He said, "That's a ticket to get into Heaven, give it to me!" The Christian said, "I'll tell you what I will do. I will give a third of the ticket to each of you" (this is where you tear off the two strips, and place the longer one away from them. Then you pick up the two pieces) and say, "So they took their tickets, and gave them to God. He said, 'Let's see where the tickets say you are to go.'" As you open them, they spell the word “HELL.”

Then you say, "The Christian walked up to the Throne and gave his one third of the ticket to God, Who said, "The only way to get in, is the way of the Cross," and you open the third piece, revealing the Cross.

This is an excellent way to conclude a time of witnessing to someone, as it sums up visually what you have been saying. If they die in their sins, and face the Law, God will give them Eternal Justice and they will end up in Hell. If they shelter in the Cross, He will give them mercy, and everlasting life.

Author: Ray Comfort of Living Waters Publications

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