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a toucan Toucan, This bird mainly lives in the rain forests of Brazil. Toucan is the Brazilian name for large-beaked bird. One of the main characteristics of the Toucan is its large and bulky beak, it can often be as large as the bird its self! The beak may be big and strong but it is very light weight being composed of many air chambers. The beak is saw toothed and is often brilliantly coloured as its fathers.
Frog Tree Frog, The Tree Frog lives in trees, lays there eggs on leaves on in small pools of water and they eat small insectes. Tree frogs come in a large varity of colors, shapes and sizes some tree frogs are even poisinous.
Jaguar, (panthera onca) is one of the largest species of the cat family in the western hemopher. The Jaguar usaly preys apon such anamails as: horse, tapir, capybarra, dogs, and/or cattle. The roar of this great cat can be heard from miles away and is usaly heard at night or during mating season. The Jaguar’s “base” color varies greatly from white to black, of corse these are the extreams.
A monkey Lion Marmoset (Leontocebus Rosalia), Mainly lives in South America and is from the genus Callithrix. The Marmoset differs from other primates in having one less pair of molars in both jaws, Marmosets have remarkably hi piched voices and they mainly eat insects, spiders, and fruit.

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