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18 real stories

  • “Scared to death when I found out I was pregnant”

    “I remember being scared to death when I found out I was pregnant. I was 20 years old--my independent life was just beginning. I had been dating my boyfriend for less than a year. We were both in college. Worse, I had no money or a stable place to live. I figured there was no way I was going to make a great home for that baby.

    But even though I didn’t know how things were going to turn out, I still felt that the life inside of me at least deserved a chance. Even if I couldn’t take care of him, someone else could through adoption.

    So, I married my boyfriend. I stayed in school. I had a son on January 11, 2002. And my life has never been so grand. Mark, my 10-month-old son, is just learning how to pull himself up on furniture, and chase me around as he crawls all over our little apartment. It’s never been easy to take care of him, and I don’t expect it to.

    But the work I’m doing now in taking care of my son is going to pay off. This little guy is going to have the chance to do great things. And I’m not going to get in the way of that. He’s got his own life to live. He had his own genetic code, separate from mine, even when I was pregnant with him. He’s his own person.

    Am I scared raising him sometimes? Sure, what parent isn’t? But I have to tell you, it’s absolutely amazing what the female body is capable of in birthing an actual baby. I wouldn’t give it up for the world. I never knew life could be so grand, by taking a leap of faith and giving this life a chance.

    I always heard that raising a child would be a burden, but I find it to be the most rewarding thing I’ve done. I encourage you all not to determine that your situation warrants terminating a pregnancy. You never know how grand your life can become by giving life a chance. I sure didn’t.”

  • “18 when I ran away with my boyfriend”

    “Looking back I don’t know how I managed to live through all that I have gone through. I know one thing for sure is that God will never forsake you. I was 18 when I ran away with my boyfriend Victor. We left with $98 in our pocket. Shortly after I found out that I was pregnant. Barely living off the streets we struggled through a lot of hardships. I had no friends to lean on. I was in and out of abuse shelters unable to control even my own anger. I resented him a lot for the pregnancy, which developed a lot of anger and feelings of rage. Our relationship became quite violent. I couldn’t find the will to tell my parents with the shame and guilt that was constantly robbing my thoughts.

    I began contemplating abortion. I found an old novel written in the late 40’s about three young girls who had abortions. I knew in my mind that it was killing an unborn child. I just wanted to make this baby disappear. I wrote a letter to my parents five months into the pregnancy. What I didn’t tell them was all the problems that I was facing. I felt trapped and very alone.

    My parents came to visit us one weekend and my boyfriend didn’t come home. I wanted them so much to believe that everything was okay. Time flew as I began to lose control of all emotions. I was admitted to the hospital for post-traumatic depression.

    When I returned home it wasn’t long before things went back to the way they used to be. My boyfriend was preoccupied with the party scene. When he came home not sober we became very violent. We were charged with assault on each other. I spent a night in jail, as did he weeks before.

    He left the province shortly after. My only friend was a volunteer who I had met at the women’s shelter. I broke down telling my parents all that I was going through and they left that day to come stay with me. Victor and I came to terms over the long distance phone calls.

    He arrived the day before the baby was born. That day in the delivery room I began to sing a song from angels liturgy (sunday school) titled "Thank You God for Giving Us Strength"--a song I hadn’t sung since I was a little girl. You see Victor and I had this agreement that if it was a boy he was to name the first name and I was to name the second and so forth if it was a girl.

    It wasn’t like in the movies how they announce, “It’s a boy/girl;” so I waited patiently as Victor laid him in my arms and said, “This is our son Ezekial.” My mom told me moments later that Ezekial means “strength of God”. Now, even after all that we have put each other through, we are working through Christ to heal our hurts.

    We now live apart, and we are living for the glory of God and all that he will bring in our lives to come.”

  • Young single mother

    “I’m a young single mother of two. My baby girl is now 4 years old, and Momma’s boy is 19 months old. Yes, I was the good girl no one expected to become pregnant. I’m also sure there was a lot of ugly things people said about me.

    But, today, it doesn’t matter what my story is or was then. What most say is a mistake, I call a gift.

    All that matters is God blessed me and chose to give me these gifts of life. I accepted them and will love them forever. I truly believe God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”

  • Things Rachel-Hannah Taught Me

    From Kim Stewart of Cherokee descent

    “I received a six-month-old letter that had been forwarded from an old address. The letter was from my doctor’s office requesting I get in touch with them as soon as possible. They had found an irregularity in my PAP test.

    I quickly scheduled an appointment and had the test repeated. Once again the results demanded a personal consultation and emergency biopsy. I was so frightened. Life was so unfair!

    My life finally seemed as if it was on the right track. Now the doctor was suggesting serious things about my life and future. He said there was no guarantee after cauterization that these potentially dangerous pre-cancerous cells would not return. He advised me also, that if I wanted children, I should think about it soon. He said a hysterectomy might one day be required.

    My fiancé and I had talked about the future and agreed that we wanted children. We talked about him raising a child alone. It was a risk we were both willing to take. I felt safe placing my child in the hands of this man! It is a miracle. I conceived within one week of having that cauterization procedure. My health would prevail and God’s perfect timing laughs in the face of insurmountable odds. The reason why I say perfect timing is because just a few blocks away, another child was being conceived that was to affect my life greatly, and many others.

    First, I must say that this “other” child was also conceived under difficult circumstances. His mother had had a tubule ligation. In other words, her Fallopian tubes, necessary for conception, had been tied off and in addition to that, the top part of her uterus had been removed. She was also pregnant under adverse emotional conditions. In the third month of her pregnancy her “water broke” and she was hospitalized.

    An infection set in and it looked as if the pregnancy would be lost. However, a Christian nurse “just happened” to have heard of a new drug they were using in another city, that might save the baby. In due course, the drug worked and the amazing little baby even went a week overdue. I know this because I was the woman in the bed beside her.

    I just gave birth to my blonde hair, blue-eyed baby girl! I named her Shannon. While this woman, Rachel-Hannah, and I chatted, she never told me she was a Christian. I wouldn’t have known except her pastor came to our hospital room and quietly prayed over her baby.

    While the pastor spoke such wonderful blessings over her baby, I silently said to God "and that goes double for me!"Late one night, I stood alone in my baby’s room and I looked down on her little sleeping body believing anything was possible.

    Once again I spoke to God. "I don’t know much about you, God, but I promise that everything I do know, I will teach her." I think I was just starting to feel worthy. It wasn’t long after that evening, being a new and nervous mother of a very energetic baby, I found myself needing some reassurance and advice. I searched for the phone number of that woman I met in the hospital. After all, she had just had a baby too, and that one had been her fifth! Hers I believed was a voice of experience!I called her up, and Rachel-Hannah invited me over.

    In the middle of her loud and busy living room, I shared with her my indecisiveness over baptizing my daughter. Knowing she was a Christian, I looked for her thoughts on my decision to go ahead and baptize my daughter at my husband’s church. She, in response, had the nerve to ask me why I was even baptizing her in the first place. Patiently, fighting words like “heathen,” I explained to her that I wanted my daughter to have a ticket at those pearly gates. You never know.

    She boldly told me that my child did not need one because Jesus did not die on the cross so that innocents would go to hell. After the initial shock, I was curious. It made sense. What else didn’t I know? I didn’t go to church at the time but I was learning many things about God from Rachel-Hannah.

    We met often after that to appease my insatiable curiosity and excitement. I didn’t know that this is the glow that comes on new Christians as they pursue God and in response, God pursues them. I dared to believe. I really embraced the possibility that God exists. It was so amazingly satisfying and surprisingly exciting.”

  • Healing

    “Scared and afraid to ruin my family’s good name, I searched for answers. I was 19, a college student, single, a Christian, and pregnant. It so happened that I knew of a place that gave free pregnancy tests, but did not know it was a Christian based place to help save babies! I knew what was right, and I certainly knew what was wrong! But I risked my parents great reputation in the church and the community. For heaven’s sake, they were youth pastors, and my father was a deacon! But when you are scared, you begin to think of fast ways out.

    I thank the Lord each day…that HE married me, we had our beautiful blessed baby, and God has used us so very much. It was very hard, I was soooo ashamed, our families were shameful, and so was my boyfriend, but God talks about pressing on toward the mark…and we have done that. We have been married 14½ years now! My families’ good name, became an Oasis for healing…”

  • “I can make it work and be a good mom”

    “Well I’m 17 weeks pregnant right now. About 9 months ago I started seeing a man who is 34, and I’m 26. You think that only these issues happen to teenagers, you know, women who are 18 or 17. But, in reality it can happen to women of any age.

    Me and this guy were sleeping together, but not serious. I got pregnant. The first moment I found out, I was so scared.

    When I told the father, he demanded an abortion. In the back of my mind, I didn’t want one. I thought about it for a day, then told him the next night that I didn’t have the heart to do it. He eventually left me, because he didn’t want the child, but I do.

    This pregnancy is hard on my emotions, but at least I don’t have to live with the guilt of an abortion. I’m glad I’m keeping the baby. I can make it work and be a good mom.”

  • “No matter how tough the situation, you can get through it with God’s strength and guidance”

    “I met a man on a plane trip home to Phoenix about 5 years ago. I was not supposed to be on that flight, but ended up on it and actually was the last person on the plane and had to take the only open spot left. It happened to be in front of the man mentioned. We talked the whole 2 hour trip home, and he ended up giving me his phone number.

    I was 18 (going to be 19 in 3 months), and he was 23. I called him a couple of days later and we went out on a date. From that day on we were inseparable. We were not believers then and I moved in with him in May, after only knowing him since January. In June of 1996, I became pregnant totally unexpectedly. I was devastated.

    Chris told me not to worry about anything, he would take care of us. And he did, with the Lord’s help!

    We got married that November (we had only been together since January!), and 5 years later are still happily married. We had our surprise baby and named him Christopher after his Daddy.

    In July of 1999, we had another boy whom we named Coby. I thank God ever day for giving me such a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children.

    Just remember, no matter how tough the situation, you can get through it with God’s strength and guidance.

    Also remember everything happens for a reason, even if you cannot fathom what that reason could be. Have faith in the Lord your God!”

  • “You’re Pregnant”

    “I cannot explain the fear that I had when the nurse stated that I was pregnant. I believed in God. My father was a minister. My mother, a strong Christian woman. I came from a loving family. But yet there were things that went on in my life that were hurtful. I could not share these events with anybody because I was the PREACHER’S DAUGHTER. I knew the codes of God. I felt undeserved. So, the first man who told me that he loved me I listened to. I felt like God didn’t understand. At the age of 18 I was living with this man, and at 19 pregnant. I was heading down a one-way street. Drugged out, and hurt. When the nurse told me a was pregnant I felt so stupid, but yet relieved.

    I laid in the hospital room one day after the Lord blessed me with this child. I cried and prayed to God for guidance. Wanting to leave and abandon my child. I turned on the TV and this minister was giving a sermon. He said that, ‘The devil enjoys when we have abortions and give our children away, because we are cutting off the blessed path that God has granted to that child.’

    I believe to this day that if it was not for my little girl, I would still be drugged out on my one-way street. She has become a new joy in my life, and I am so happy that she is here in my life, and that I am in her life.

    I am 20, and I see clearly now. You change your thoughts about the life God has blessed you with, when you have to take care of another’s.”

  • 18 and not married

    “When I was seventeen, I was told that it would be impossible for me to conceive a child. I had always wanted a baby. I cried (of course). But my mother said, “Do not get upset—pray! When it is God’s will you will bare a child.” So I prayed.

    When I was eighteen I found out I was pregnant. I was very happy but, in a way, I was not. I was not married.

    The man I got pregnant by wanted to marry me. I was not sure at the time marriage was the best answer. The question never came up until he found out. And, I knew sex before marriage was wrong. It happened and I could not change that.

    All I could do was pray for God’s forgiveness. That [is] the most precious gift he could ever give me.

    Everything ended really well. When my little boy was a year and a half old, his father and I were married in South Carolina. My little boy is now three years old and we now have a precious new little girl that is six and a half months old.

    The point is I did not want to go into a marriage because I was pregnant. I have to honestly say God truly does work and bring out the best in people’s lives.”

  • “From the moment that I looked into my little girl’s eyes, I knew that God had a purpose”

    “I was 18 and had been out of high school a year when I met Ryan. He was perfect and from the moment that I seen him I thought that I was in love. I never knew Christ and was not brought up in a Christian home. I knew that premarital sex was wrong in my parent’s eyes, but I did not know that it was wrong in God’s.

    Shortly after I met Ryan (2 months), I found out that I was pregnant. It was a big shock, and I was scared that I would be raising a baby by myself. I didn’t know Ryan that well and did not know what he would say when he found out that I was pregnant.

    To my surprise, he stayed and at 5 months pregnant we were married. 4 months after we were married I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. The story may sound like it ended perfect but to anyone who thinks that it was easy or that it will be easy they are wrong.

    Ryan and I hardly knew each other, we learned real fast how to deal with each other. Money was a big struggle and everyday we worried that we were going to bring a little baby into the world and we had no idea how we would be able to support her, but the word abortion was never brought up. We fought, we made up, we thought about throwing the towel in and divorcing.

    I thought that it would be easier to raise the baby myself than to live with someone I didn’t even know. But from the moment that I looked into my little girl’s eyes, I knew that God had a purpose for what he did. And when Lauren was 1 I accepted Christ. Ryan and I have been married for 5 years now and Lauren is 4.

    We lost a child after her and I think that was a turning point also in our lives. We then had Seth and he is 2. I look back now and realize that although I would not give my life up for nothing it could have been different if I would of waited. I am 24 and have had 3 babies.

    We have struggled with money from day one. Ryan has a wonderful job and we were able to buy a house, and have a nice car but the everyday wants are few and far between when we can afford to get them. I have been going to Nursing school for a year and it is hard with 2 small children.

    I vowed that I would not take them to daycare ever so I work in the night at the hospital and Ryan watches the kids [since] he works in the day. We have worked hard for everything that we have, and the Lord has many times made us look at what we do that isn’t glorifying him.

    We have hit rock bottom in our finances and struggled beyond belief. But I always give glory to God that he has given me the gifts that he has, 2 beautiful children, one that I will someday see again, [and] a wonderful husband. There are days that are still hard for us.

    We have found love and have stuck through the hardest in our lives, and he has given me the grace that although I chose the path that led to the troubles I have had I have been forgiven and know that the Lord has been there with me and has had a plan from the beginning. [But] there are consequences for everything that we do.

    We can choose to let God take control and see his plan for our lives or we can take control of our own lives and sometimes make the worst decision that can ever be made--an abortion on a life that God had in his plans from the very beginning.”

  • Don’t think twice, turn and follow Jesus Christ

    “Well, first forgive my broken English as I’m not American but Brazilian. I got involved with a non-believer, and it was impossible to go on with the relationship without sex (even though I tried very hard). So one day we had sex. I say “one day” because I never really accept the fact of having a relationship where sex was ok so it happened occasionally depending on how strong and close to the Lord I was.

    Anyway I realized afterwards that I could get pregnant that day, so he and I decided to go to the doctor for me to take the next day pill. I asked the doctor if that would be some kind of abortion and his answer was it depends how you look at it. I was very afraid so I didn’t want to know a lot about it. That way I wouldn’t feel guilty not knowing that it would be an abortion.

    So what happened 14 days later? I became pregnant. I had no idea until I missed my period about 40 days later. I thought I could fool God but I couldn’t. Today I have the most wonderful son named Lucas—13 months old whom I love to death. But I’m dealing with so much problems because I never married him since he doesn’t want anything to do with God. I gave up on him.

    I’m trying to serve God and do what he wants me to do. It took me a lot of pain to come to this conclusion that God needs to come before everything even or better, saying especially before our pleasures, because there is no better pleasure than to be doing what He wants us to do.

    So I have so much problems related to this sinful relationship that sometimes I want to give up but I know that God is better so I’m not giving up on Him no matter how hard things may get. And don’t think that it’s too messy now to start doing what God wants because to Him it is just the perfect time.

    Don’t think twice to stop where you are and turn to the other direction and walk with God. Its worthy.”

  • “God has blessed me and this is how He brings people closer to Him”

    “I grew up in a Christian church and school and always said I would save myself for the right man when I get married. I lost my virginity when I was 18, and at 19 I had a one night stand. I didn’t really like the guy, so I blew him off when he tried to contact me after our fling. I figured out I was pregnant shortly afterwards.

    I kept the pregnancy a secret and even was in denial big time. I was headed down the wrong path. I didn’t even get any prenatal care. I was smoking and drinking. I can’t even tell you I cared about being pregnant or my baby. I thought the smoking and drinking would make me have a miscarriage, but it didn’t.

    The first time I felt her kick and move around inside me I realized what was inside me. I knew then I had to take care of her. I didn’t know how to tell anyone. I never did. I was depressed over the fact. I finally gave birth to a healthy 6 lb. 5 oz. girl who I thank God every day for her health.

    Before I had her I was arguing in my head over adoption and what the outcome would be and how we would deal. I couldn’t let her go. God has given me the ability to raise her like I should.

    My mom and the doctors told me my baby and I could have been in serious trouble because my blood pressure was so high and my baby was stressed. I finally told her father about her when she was 1 month old, and he’s been in her life ever since. God has blessed me and this is how He brings people closer to Him.”

  • A very big shock

    “Ten years ago, 18 years old and single—I became pregnant. It was a very big shock for me, and I was scared. I did not yet have a personal relationship with God through Christ, and feared everything that lay ahead of me. I was alone and had very little money to live on. Yet, somewhere in the depths of my soul, (which I was very out of touch with) I knew that I was going to carry my baby and raise her alone if I had to.

    I did have a beautiful little girl and raised her as a single mother for the first 3½ years of her life. I met the man I am now married to then, and we both accepted Christ as our Savior in the summer of 1993. Within two months we were married, and now 6 years later we have 3 children.

    My husband adopted my daughter in 1997 and our family has never had a struggle with that relationship. God honored my decision to have my baby, and has blessed me and my family unbelievably since then. Many around me questioned my decision; doctors, public officials, family and even my daughters biological father.

    I now know the strong conviction I felt to go on and be responsible for my actions was an opening for Christ to come into my life. I have never regretted my decision and I see my daughter every day and thank God!”

  • Christian and a virgin

    “Since the issue of unwanted pregnancy or abortion is a lifetime issue in a persons life and not just about the present time—I would like to comment for those who are thinking about giving the child up or abortion. Both decisions are for a lifetime. It was 37 years ago, I was a virgin and a christian (obviously not so strong to fight forever for my virginity).

    I fought and fought to stay pure but my boyfriend kept forcing his way on me. Finally, when I was out on my own and he kept coming to see me—we were alone, and he finally weakened me down. I had college on my mind and not becoming a mother. I did not know what to do. He got info from somewhere and brought me quinine tablets and said they would abort the baby.

    I got so sick I thought I would die. I stopped taking them. He urged me to get married. I finally HAD to. I remember getting out of his car in front of the courthouse where the justice of the peace married us—I was so broken hearted because I had been so stupid and let him do that to me… I will not even till this day wear the color my suit was that I got married in.

    I hated that day so badly. However, the Lord always turns bad situations around and makes something good out of them. That little girl that was born 7 months after that sad day that put my life in another direction—she brought sunshine everywhere she went and today is a schoolteacher and still as beautiful as the day she was born. If those pills had aborted her—I would never have known her sweet smile and the laughter she brings to everyone.

    She started playing the piano at five years old—I can see those little fingers now on that keyboard with the thought that she could have been dead before she had a chance at being all she could be in this life.

    My point is abstain from premarital sex at all cost. If you need to run away screaming for help to get away from someone forcing themselves on you—by all means open your mouth and yell for help. But, if you no matter what the circumstance—conceive a child—give it a chance to bring sunshine to you or someone else. I look at that beautiful 37 year old woman today (she does not know her father wanted to abort her) and I just think she did make this world a better place! Thank you.”

  • Having just left my parents’ house, enrolled into college and gained full independence

    “I met Jesus at a weekend teen retreat when I was 18. My boyfriend of two years met Jesus when he was 13. At the age of 21 my boyfriend, and I lost our virginity and got pregnant soon after that. Having just left my parents’ house, enrolled into college and gained full independence I was convinced that an abortion would be the only “logical” answer.

    One evening, after having an argument with my boyfriend I decided that an abortion was my only option even though it went against my Christian beliefs. I spent the entire day crying. My un-saved roommate couldn’t believe I was making such a big deal out of it.

    I couldn’t stop thinking about the anti-abortion seminars I had attended. I wore T-Shirts that said “As a former fetus I oppose abortion.” I simply couldn’t believe that I had put myself in this situation and was seriously considering to kill the baby growing inside of me.

    I was so ashamed. Everyone in my church knew I wasn’t married. My father was an elder. I was the oldest of 5, the only teen soloist, Sunday school teacher, teen leader, and nursery teacher.

    I kept hearing the word of God echo in my ear "Thou shalt not kill". I called my Sunday school teacher in agony and desperation. I needed to hear that God would still love and forgive me if I had an abortion.

    I was crying so hard I couldn’t say my name. She immediately knew who it was. She also knew that I was pregnant and that I was thinking about having an abortion. She slowly explained to me what GOD’s opinion on abortion was and what was expected of me as a Christian. God would forgive me, but it was murder just the same. One week before my due date I noticed that the baby wasn’t moving normally.

    I scheduled a doctor’s appointment, only to learn that the baby was in distress. A sonogram revealed that the amniotic bag was empty (although my water hadn’t broken) and the baby wasn’t getting enough oxygen. I was rushed to the hospital and later told that had I waited another week the baby would have died. The doctors gave me until 12AM to deliver naturally; if nothing happened they would have to do an emergency C-Section.

    Although the labor was short (4 and a half hours) and horrible (Pictocin induced) our daughter lived and will be two in October. During the delivery I could have cared less if I lost my life in order to ensure her’s.

    I met God that evening. This experience taught me all that I will ever need to know about the God I serve. I love Him so much more. He showed me mercy by putting a perfect little girl in my arms safely.

    I cannot tell you how much she means to me. He even saved my relationship with her father. We were married one year later and are expecting a little boy in December. My Sunday school teacher once said to me:

    “If you honor the Lord, He will honor you.”

    He has done that for us, and can do it for you. What a mighty God we serve!”

  • Antibiotic and doctor’s advice

    “I grew up going to a Christian school from kindergarten through high school, I lived in a Christian home, however I was not a Christian. I had the head knowledge, but not the heart knowledge.

    At the age of 19, I got pregnant. I had had the flu and had been on an antibiotic called Biaxcin for about 10 days, strangely enough when I went to get the prescription filled for it they did not have the full amount of pills that my doctor had prescribed. I took the pills, not knowing I was pregnant, but never went back to get the rest of them.

    Later on when I found out I was pregnant, my doctor told me immediately to have an abortion, that this child would be deformed or missing limbs. I was hysterical, but abortion had never and wasn’t an option for me.

    I went to a genetic counselor who ordered all the info on Biaxcin that she could get, and if I would have taken the full amount of pills that I was prescribed I would have most likely have miscarried. On September 22, 1994, I gave birth to a healthy 9.4 lb. baby girl. Not one thing wrong with her.

    I just could not believe that that doctor had told me to get an abortion and then begin to think about all the women and girls that doctors or others tell that to who abort their child thinking it is going to have something wrong with it. It makes me so sad. My daughter just turned 4, and she is such a blessing to my husband and I.

    We have both since met the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, and are so very thankful to Him for the gift of life He blessed us with. He alone determines when we come into this world and when we leave. Just like the Scripture says…

    “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.”

  • Fear of telling my parents was overpowering

    “I got pregnant at 19, I was from a Christian home and was scared to death to tell my family… My boyfriend’s brother was furious with me, told me I was ruining his brother’s life and that I should get an abortion. I did think about it, but my heart just couldn’t bear the thought.

    I was tempted to, however, because the fear of telling my parents was overpowering.

    Instead of telling my parents, however, we decided to get married. It turned out to be the best thing! We are still married today, 20 years later… Our beautiful daughter that could have been aborted has brought us so much honor and joy! She graduated 3rd in her class and went on to New Tribes Bible Institute where she is studying to be a missionary. How many lives have been affected by her? How many will be? God only knows. You’ll never know just what God had planned for your child or who they were supposed to grow up to help, if you abort them …I pray that my story will make a difference in your heart.”

  • “I finally cried out to God for help”

    “I grew up in an abusive home, and I thought having a baby would give me someone I could love who would love me in return. When I was 18, I got pregnant, by a man who was just as immature as I was.

    When I was 3 months pregnant, my mother gave me 1 day’s notice to move out, even if it meant the streets. A lady at work offered me a room which ended up being as much a hell as home had been.

    God had always been with me, even when I tried to ignore, or reject Him, He never let me go.

    As a child, God spoke to me, He told me that He knew I was having a hard life, but one day, it would be better, but until then, He would never leave me. I finally cried out to God for help.

    My boyfriend, friends and family had long deserted me, I was living in a place where a drunken, suicidal man needed constant police intervention and I asked God to please help me find a better home.

    One night, I had a dream in which I was with another pregnant girl, being given a tour of some facility. There were several very distinctive details in the dream and when I woke up the dream was very vividly preserved in my memory.

    A few days later, I got a call from an old acquaintance, telling me she was also pregnant and had moved into a home for unwed moms. (Honestly, I didn’t, at the time, know that it existed.) She said "Why don’t you apply for a bed?"

    I made an appointment and went to tour the place. Yes! It was exactly as I had seen it in my dream. The very same unique details that God had shown me, so that I would know He had prepared this home for me.

    He loved me! He had not forgotten, left, or rejected me! The home was a safe haven for me and I still praise God for His tender care. That was the beginning (new) of my learning to trust Him and see His hand in my life. I gave birth to a precious son, who is now 17 years old.

    We had many hard years, but God was faithful! I married a wonderful man, and both of us are born again! My son is growing in his knowledge and love of God. I know that all the evidence of God’s love and provision through the years means a lot to him. God was taking care of him too, way back then!

    “I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels.”" —Isaiah 61:10

    “Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace, good will toward men.” —Luke 2:14

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