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Personal Stories about life before and after birth.
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Personal Stories

About my abortion

  • “I had been dating Bob for 6 months when I found out I was pregnant. Bob didn't want me to have a baby considering we were only 18 and 19, and he thought of abortion as just a second chance…” Read More

  • “I murdered 4 of my babies! I was not married and starting a new relationship with my future 2nd husband. I was 21 years old the first time I murdered my first baby…” Read More

  • “To my baby- A Prayer from mommy…” Read More

  • “I would like to write a reply to all the people who's stories I have read in this forum. It is undeniable that abortion causes great pain for the mother. I have read these stories and cried for the pain that you are all feeling…” Read More

  • “I had been married…for only a few months when I discovered I was pregnant even though I was on the pill. We hadn't planned on having children so soon if at all. I was only 21 at the time and I was working long hours out of town. We weren't well off financially and my income was our primary income…” Read More

  • “I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I had been together only 3 months. He was 6 years older than me and he had 2 kids by another woman…” Read More

  • “I was only 17 years old when I terminated my pregnancy. I am so glad that I have found others that feel the same way that I still do now 7 years later…” Read More

  • “I am 23 and I have three beautiful daughters. About a year ago I found out I was pregnant again…I was at 13 weeks when I did it. And now I wish I wouldn't have…” Read More

  • “I was 18, just finished high school. My senior sweetheart had been unfaithful to me the entire time we dated. He did not want the baby and convinced me it was the best convenient thing to do…” Read More

  • “The day I found out my boyfriend of two years was cheating on me, I also found out I was pregnant…” Read More

  • “It has been 2 years since I ended the life of the child my boyfriend and I had conceived. It is something that I never thought I was capable of. I had been in church. I was trying to live a Christian life…” Read More

  • “A few years ago I was working as an outreach worker in Vancouver, BC, Canada. One of my clients asked me to go with her while she got an abortion…” Read More

  • “I still feel the pain. I suffer every time I see a baby, a pregnant woman…I wonder if it was she or he, how the baby would look like…” Read More

  • “I am 21 years old and just about to graduate college and be a teacher. I am also getting married in 7 months. I am known to my friends and family as the strong one who shows no weakness…” Read More

  • “Turning my back on God, even for that one instant, was the biggest mistake of my life. Until recently there was no guilt, no anything. For these last couple of months I lost my heart completely…” Read More

  • “When I was 19 years old I was living life as a unsaved teenager. Working, partying, drinking, and having premarital sex. I had a car wreck. Xray's were taken and I had taken a lot of pain killers in the process. I then realized I was pregnant…” Read More

  • “I came from a strict Chinese family—one that talked more about disciplinary actions rather than love in the family. I grew up being spanked, boxed and endured different kinds of physical abuse by my mom whenever I did something wrong till I was 18 years old…” Read More

  • “When I was 17 years old I was pregnant by a male whom I thought loved me until I told him I was pregnant. I did not want to get an abortion but, I exchanged it for my driver's license that my dad told me I could get if I got an abortion…” Read More

  • “It's been seven years and there is not a single day that goes by that I don't think of my unborn child…” Read More

  • “When I was 19 I was still a virgin. I started seeing a man who said he was separated from his wife but he lied. When I found out I (thought) I loved him so much I did not care. I got pregnant after the second time…” Read More

  • “After a torturous youth I found myself in this awful situation of being single and pregnant, at a very young age. With zero support and constant pressure…” Read More

  • “I have been married for 14 yrs. I have been a christian all that time and so has my husband. We had 2 sons—1 yr old and 2.5 yrs old. I fell pregnant through having marital relations whilst on the pill…” Read More

  • “It has been 25 years now since I chose to have an abortion. If this will help anyone that is considering having an abortion please, please don't. The consequences are far greater than the day you go to the clinic…” Read More

  • “Twenty-four days ago I ended the life of my six week old child. I think I'm still in denial to some extent. I guess I don't believe what I've actually done…” Read More

  • “I am writing this letter for you in the hopes that someone may listen to the heart of a father who lives with the painful memory of your last heart beat…” Read More

  • “After graduating and a summer full of sexual encounters, drugs/alcohol and close calls with death, I returned home to my parents house and began working at a local restaurant, not sure of what to do with my life…” Read More

  • “A Poem. ‘For just a little while, You held me close to your heart. Your voice was sweet and gentle, I loved you from the start’…” Read More

  • “Finding out that I was pregnant at 16 was numbing! I absolutely loved children but I knew that my mother would be totally against me having a baby so young…” Read More

  • “At the age of 21 I found myself pregnant by someone I knew I would never marry. He was not an ideal person, not responsible and involved in drugs…” Read More

  • “My child died 12 years ago. I have to look at it that way…died. Otherwise, I would go crazy with grief…” Read More

  • “I was pro-life all the way until…it happened to me…” Read More

  • “God has taken this horrible event in my past and turned it into something good. He has called me to serve as a PACE (post abortion counseling and education) group facilitator…” Read More

  • “We began to brainstorm as to what avenues we were going to take in getting rid of a baby that I had no consideration for at that time. Within a week I had a doctor and had taken some medication to cause my uterus to contract…” Read More

  • “I know now that I am not alone, but back when I was 16 I thought there was no one to understand, no one who cared and nothing to believe in…” Read More

  • “Twenty one years ago I found myself divorced with 2 young children, and homeless. I did not know what to do. I ended up giving my former husband custody of my children so that they would have a home…” Read More

  • “When I was 13 my life started to go under, being continually sexually abused by my brothers I dove deeper and deeper into drinking and drugs…” Read More

  • “I've had an unwanted pregnancy and had the abortion to go along with it. After it I felt so bad as if I had killed someone…” Read More

  • “My ex-boyfriend and I decided that abortion was the only feasible solution. There was no way that “Little Miss Perfect,” as a lot of people called me, could be pregnant…” Read More


  • “I was 18 yrs old, and I ran off and got married, while still in 12th grade! My ex-husband and I were married 1 yr. During that year together, I became pregnant…” Read More

  • “I was born on a very cold December day in 1970 on the west side of Chicago to a beautiful, young Hispanic woman…” Read More

  • “On a cold January day in 1955 in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin a married couple both struggling with alcoholism became parents of a fourth daughter…” Read More

  • A Poem. “I prayed to God when I was a child. For things so so silly and things often wild. Then I asked God for a brother handsome and tall, wise and strong and not mean at all…” Read More

  • “My mother was a 16 year old softball, tennis, and volleyball player (it says this in the papers) so she didn't really have time to be pregnant… My mother did the mature thing and kept me for 9 months and gave me up to a family that could take the proper care for me…” Read More

Extramarital affair

  • “My wife & I went through some real tragedy in 1993. I was busy with church work, my job and school. I never saw the stress that placed on my wife. She was caring for 2 of our kids. We allowed a childhood best friend of mine live with us. He was down on his 'luck'…” Read More

Unwed pregnancies

  • “I remember being scared to death when I found out I was pregnant. I was 20 years old—my independent life was just beginning. I had been dating my boyfriend for less than a year. We were both in college…” Read More

  • “Looking back I don't know how I managed to live through all that I have gone through. I know one thing for sure is that God will never forsake you. I was 18 when I ran away with my boyfriend Victor. We left with $98 in our pocket…” Read More

  • “I was the good girl no one expected to become pregnant. I'm also sure there was a lot of ugly things people said about me…” Read More

  • “Things Rachel-Hannah Taught Me. A story from Kim Stewart of “Indian Life” magazine…” Read More

  • “Scared and afraid to ruin my family's good name, I searched for answers. I was 19, a college student, single, a Christian, and pregnant…” Read More

  • “Well I'm 17 weeks pregnant right now. About 9 months ago I started seeing a man who is 34 and I'm 26…” Read More

  • Cady “met a man on a plane trip home to Phoenix about 5 years ago… We talked the whole 2 hour trip home, and he ended up giving me his phone number…” Read More

  • “I cannot explain the fear that I had when the nurse stated that I was pregnant. I believed in God. My father was a minister. My mother, a strong Christian woman…” Read More

  • “When I was seventeen, I was told that it would be impossible for me to conceive a child. I had always wanted a baby… When I was eighteen I found out I was pregnant…” Read More

  • “I was 18 and had been out of high school a year when I met Ryan. He was perfect and from the moment that I seen him I thought that I was in love… Shortly after I met Ryan (2 months) I found out that I was pregnant…” Read More

  • Ledslane “got involved with a non-believer and it was impossible to go on with the relationship without sex (even though I tried very hard). So one day we had sex… I realized afterwards that I could get pregnant that day, so he and I decided to go to the doctor for me to take the next day pill…” Read More

  • “I grew up in a Christian church and school and always said I would save myself for the right man when I get married. I lost my virginity when I was 18 and at 19 I had a one night stand…” Read More

  • “Ten years ago, 18 years old and single—I became pregnant… I was alone and had very little money to live on. Yet, somewhere in the depths of my soul (which I was very out of touch with) I knew that I was going to carry my baby and raise her alone if I had to…” Read More

  • “It was 37 years ago, I was a virgin and a Christian (obviously not so strong to fight forever for my virginity). I fought and fought to stay pure but my boyfriend kept forcing his way on me…” Read More

  • “At the age of 21 my boyfriend and I lost our virginity and got pregnant soon after that. Having just left my parents house, enrolled into college and gained full independence I was convinced that an abortion would be the only “logical” answer…” Read More

  • “At the age of 19 I got pregnant. I had had the flu and had been on an antibiotic called Biaxcin for about 10 days… I took the pills, not knowing I was pregnant… when I found out I was pregnant, my doctor told me immediately to have an abortion…” Read More

  • “I got pregnant at 19, I was from a Christian home and was scared to death to tell my family… My boyfriend's brother was furious with me…” Read More

  • “I grew up in an abusive home and I thought having a baby would give me someone I could love who would love me in return. When I was 18, I got pregnant, by a man who was just as immature as I was…” Read More

Unwanted pregnancies

  • “I was married at a really young age. The man I married was also a Christian and my mum and dad agreed to our marriage when we were both just 16. It was not much later when I became pregnant with my son Joseph…” Read More

  • “I'm Armenian Lebanese. I have been married for 11 months and now I'm 5 months pregnant. I'm 20 years old and a Christian and believer born again since I was 12 years old. I didn't want to get pregnant…” Read More

Medical complications

  • “At 4 months along in this pregnancy, I began bleeding from various sites, such as my gums, nose, etc. I consulted with a hematologist, who told me that I had a 10% chance of surviving delivery…” Read More

  • “In our lives 7 hours, In our hearts forever! We love you baby, and we'll see you again. One day!…” Read More

  • “My baby seemed to have a disorder called neural tube. The doctor explained to me what it meant and the consequences. Knowing that my baby was going to die made me feel even worse…” Read More

  • “Our son was born with a rare and dangerous heart defect…” Read More

  • “When my mother had a scan when she was pregnant with me, it came up that I would have spina bifida and they offered her an abortion…” Read More

  • “I was married at around 4 months into my pregnancy. A few weeks later I had a turn to the worse. More complications arose and my baby was delivered at 21 weeks…” Read More

  • “Everything went well with the ultrasound and the technician said she looked great. A few days later, while home alone with our 2 yr. old, the Dr. called and informed me that our baby had a risk of having Downs Syndrome. I was devastated…” Read More

  • “My wife went and I went in for a sonogram when she was 4 months pregnant with our third child. That day changed our lives. We were told that day our daughter had anencephaly, a neural tube defect, which caused no cranial or brain development…” Read More

  • “At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was bleeding a lot and because of my age at the time (36) I was sent to a group of OB/GYN's that specialized in high-risk pregnancies. An ultrasound showed the baby was not developing as it should and I ended up having amniocentesis. I was told the baby girl would have spinal bifida and because of my bleeding and her lack of development, it would be in my best interests to abort the baby!…” Read More

  • “When I was eighteen years old I gave birth to a baby girl. She was born with a neural tube defect called anancephaly…” Read More

  • “The following story is about how my husband and I (who are both medical doctors) refused to abort our severely disabled unborn child who was born on 23rd May, 1998. We live in Melbourne, Australia…” Read More

  • “…I was 28 weeks along with another 12 to go. I was dying and so the next day I was transferred to another hospital. I had an emergency C-section and had a 3 pound half an ounce, 13 inch long baby boy…” Read More

  • “On November 8th 1994, at 20 weeks gestation, Taylor was born. The Neonatal ICU Unit worked tirelessly to intubate him, but his little air passage was (2 weeks) smaller than the smallest tube available and without the required additional oxygen, fifteen minutes later he died…” Read More

Rape victims

  • “When I left for a week-long college orientation last June, danger was the furthest thing from my mind. I had to schedule classes, meet potential roommates, take my placement tests… everything but concern myself with safety…” Read More

  • “At the age of 17 I was raped by my boyfriend and became pregnant, only I didn't know it until I had left the area to go to college. I was only at the college for 3 days when I found out I was pregnant…” Read More

  • “Ten years ago I was raped and became pregnant. I always felt in my heart that abortion was wrong, but under the circumstances, I thought it was the best thing to do…” Read More

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