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  • “Being an adult today in a society where lies were told about my birth and biological mother. Now I have to share a story with you. It may be put on this site, because it may help someone who has experienced the same ordeal. I was given up by my mother when I was two years old and to this day I could not tell you what she looks like or anything about her physical features. She took me to an orphanage and set me on the steps and made me a promise she would return the same day and pick me up. She never returned and today I am 56 years old and she has never laid eyes on me again. I hated her for a long time and just recently had to forgive and forget what she did. It was not easy. It was very difficult in forgiving her.

    The questions in my heart was "how could a mother who carried a child for nine long months and not abort the baby leave a living human being and not return and see if this child is being cared for…" This was devastating to me. When I had my children, my fear was "someone is going to steal my children". I was “overprotective” with them. They only went if I could see them in the view. Many things will bring on different emotions and concerns and worries. I have not aborted one or had a miscarriage, but my greatest hearts desire was to protect my children. When I look at the human race today who leaves their babies in trash cans, fast food restaurant bathrooms, dumpsters, doorsteps, and other unknown places, even abortion, my heart weeps and mourns for the life that was taken and could not have a chance to live.

    On the other hand I do not understand what is really going on in the mind of a person. I have five grandchildren and I told my children if you get pregnant, don't abort or abuse the child, because he or she did not ask to be born. They came because God has given life to one seed and the responsibility is laid upon your shoulders to be responsible for the welfare of that child and if not give it to me and the Lord and I will rear it the best way we know how. He made a promise He would provide my every need. Even though I am rearing a grandson, I made sure he was not neglected or abused…

    Being the heart felt woman I am, I don't like seeing children neglected. They are little people with big hearts and wants, desires, all running wild… Thanks for reading and letting me express how things were in my life. When you have no biological connections it causes some major problems, but they can be worked out for our good because of an omnipotent God who knows all things."

  • Affairs

    “My wife & I went through some real tragedy in 1993. I was busy with church work, my job and school. I never saw the stress that placed on my wife. She was caring for 2 of our kids. We allowed a childhood best friend of mine live with us. He was down on his “luck” and needed a place to stay. Now my wife had even more laundry and food preparation to do. This friend saw the stress my wife was under and moved in on her emotions.

    To make a long story short, he eventually convinced my wife to leave me and move in with him. My wife & I were separated for 4 months during this time. While my wife with this “friend”, she became pregnant. My wife finally came back home (a real miracle and move of God in itselfit's an awesome story!) but she was still very much pregnant. We had always said that we were both pro-life, but his REALLY tested our stand. I WANTED to have the baby killed! It meant A LOT of hurt for me. God did some real work in MY heart to change me from the inside out. Once God changed me, He then showed us what He wanted done. We found an incredible Christian couple that we entered into an adoption agreement together. God's hand was in it all! This couple who could not have children, but desperately wanted children, now had a baby to raise.

    What Satan meant for evil, even that, God can turn into good!"

  • Unwanted Pregnancies—Married Couples

    “I hope that my story will help those people out there in need of support at a hard time. I was married at a really young age. The man I married was also a Christian and my mum and dad agreed to our marriage when we were both just 16. It was not much later when I became pregnant with my son Joseph. As soon as I told my husband that I was pregnant he tried to make me have an abortion. He even resorted to violence. I did not give in to him and confided in my mum. She helped me to decide what was really best and I am now the proud mother of a beautiful 4 year old boy. I like to believe that God helped me through it by giving me the strength to tell someone. It was the best decision I ever made and I now live quite happily expecting another child with my fiancee.”

  • Armenian Lebanese Christian working woman

    “My name is Angelina; I'm Armenian Lebanese. I have been married for 11 months, and now I'm 5 months pregnant. I'm 20 years old and a Christian and believer born again since I was 12 years old.

    I didn't want to get pregnant. I always watch not to get pregnant without taking pills, so at March I knew that I was pregnant. I got so sad when I saw the positive line I went to the doctor, and the doctor said I was pregnant although I was watching out not to get pregnant. (My husband has done a test, and it showed that he has very little chance of making me pregnant…) By miracle I got pregnant.

    When I was 2 months pregnant, I had a dream that Daniel of the Old Testament came and told me that I will have a boy, and I have to call him Daniel to be God’s follower like him, and he told me that I have to read Daniel.

    I didn't. The next day I saw the same dream again. I didn't believe, but I read the Bible.

    I didn't want a boy, cause I like girl baby a lot, so I was sure when the doctor told me it’s a boy.

    First, I have become pregnant by a miracle, and then this dream—I said, “This is from God, and I have to accept it, and God does miracles always.”

    I am a working woman; I didn't want to get pregnant soon, but I am now so happy, and after reading Daniel two times, I saw that he was the man of God and obedient and never had fear of God's enemies, and he did what God said, and he was humble and worshipped God always.

    I pray that my son will be like him. I will try to raise my son in God's way and I'll pray for him, and I want you to pray for my son too.”

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