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Sex, Love and Relationships

Why God Intends Sex for Marriage

—by Tom, age 25

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 8 years. We were high school sweethearts. We’ve experienced some of the most incredible times together. She was my world, and I loved her so much, although I had trouble expressing it.

We were physically intimate for many of these years, and our values were being compromised. She was pushing for a ring, and I wanted to give her one, but I felt in my heart it wasn’t right yet till everything was right between ourselves, our families and with God.

She recently left me for another whom she claims she loves more within one week of meeting him than she has ever loved me. I have never been so devastated and heart broken in my entire life. I feel she has deceived me all these years.

I now know why God saves sex for marriage. Tearing 2 people apart after intimacy is excruciating.

I love her so much and would have her back in a heartbeat. I now feel nothing but regret and remorse for not having asked her to marry me earlier instead of waiting to get right with everyone.

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