Christmas Quiz Answers

  1. True or False: The Friday after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year.
    False. Thanksgiving is the fifth to tenth busiest day. The Friday and Saturday before Christmas are the two busiest shopping days of the year.

  2. How many reindeer does Santa Claus have?
    Nobody knows. According to the stories, Santa has a whole herd of reindeer. We only know the names of his favorite ones.

  3. Where did the Grinch steal Christmas?
    The Grinch stole Christmas from Whoville.

  4. Don’t sing through the song what comes after 8 maids a milking?
    9 ladies dancing

  5. The 12 Days of Christmas are after Christmas and count the time from Christmas until the beginning of Epiphany (January 6). The 12 days count from December 25th until January 5th.

  6. True or False: Female reindeer have antlers.
    True. Both male and female reindeers have antlers.

  7. Which U.S. state…?
    In 1836, Alabama was the first U.S. state to make Christmas an official holiday.

  8. Why was December 25th chosen as Christmas Day?
    The December 25 date for celebrating Christmas was chosen to compete with a pagan celebration.

  9. If Santa used God’s Ten Commandments as the standard of naughty and nice, how would you measure up?
    Did you say you’d be nice or naughty? Here are a few of the Ten Commandments so you can test yourself. (be honest)

    • Have you ever told a lie? If so, what does that make you? (A liar.)

    • Have you ever stolen anything (even something small… a ball point pen, a piece of gum)? If so, what does that make you? (A thief.)

    • Jesus said that if you’ve ever looked at another person with lust, that you’ve already committed adultery in your heart (Matthew 5:28). Have you ever done that?

    If you answered yes to those three questions, then by your own admission, you’re a lying, thieving, adulterer at heart… Its not looking too good is it? (Remember there are seven other Commandments we haven’t even mentioned.)

    Many people don’t know that that God will use the standard of the Ten Commandments to judge the world. Forget about Santa, naughty and nice… how will you do on Judgment Day? Will you be innocent, or guilty of breaking God’s Holy Laws?

    Listen to your conscience. You know that you will be guilty.

    Now for the big question, do you think you will go to Heaven or Hell?

    If you answered Heaven, is it because you think that God is so good that He will overlook your guilt?

    Well, think of it this way… if a judge in a criminal case has a guilty murderer standing before him, and the murderer says, Judge I think you’re a good man, and therefore you’ll let me go. The judge will probably look at the criminal and say, You re right about one thing, I am a good man. That’s why I’m going to make sure justice is done! It is the same with God He will make sure that the guilty are punished.

    But perhaps you think its been a long time since you’ve done anything really bad… or maybe you think you’ve done enough good deeds to make up for your guilt?

    Ask yourself this question… If a man rapes and murders a woman in January, and then spends the rest of the year doing good deeds… is he is still a rapist and a murderer? Of course he is. In the same way, your guilt cannot be erased either by the passage of time, nor by all the good deeds you could ever do.

    Perhaps you don’t believe in Hell… or maybe you don’t believe in God at all. Consider this carefully… people on drugs sometimes believe they can fly but if they jump out a window they end up dead. It doesn’t matter how strongly or sincerely they believed they could fly when they go out the window they suffer the consequences of breaking the law of gravity.

    If you don’t believe in Hell, or don’t believe in God, you need to realize that your belief cannot change reality. Imagine if you are wrong. The Bible says you will be in Hell for all eternity. That should alarm you.

    The Bible describes Hell as a place of eternal torment where God pours out His just wrath on those who have broken His Laws. The Bible says that includes liars, thieves, and adulterers. (Revelation 21:8, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

    I don’t want you to go to Hell. I hope you are sensible enough to not want to go either. There is only one answer.

    The Bible says God showed His great love for us in this: while we were guilty with no hope of rescue Jesus died for us (Romans 5:8). When He died on the Cross, He was actually stepping in and suffering the punishment you deserved for breaking God’s Holy Laws. Even though Jesus was sinless, He suffered the punishment that liars, thieves, adulterers, blasphemers, idolaters, and murderers deserved. He stepped into the courtroom and paid the fine for us. Then He rose from the dead and defeated death.

    The only thing you can do to be saved from God’s wrath, is to repent (turn 180 degrees) from your sin and put your faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord. The minute you do that you pass from death to life (John 5:24). You can pray something like this now,

    God, please forgive my sins (name them). I turn from them and place my faith in Jesus Christ as Lord (Master) and Savior. Please change my heart and grant me your free gift of everlasting life with you. Amen.

    Now you should read the Bible daily without fail and obey what you read. God will never let you down. This Christmas Quiz was provided to you by people who care about where you spend eternity. They are praying for you.

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