Reviewed on PC


Reviewed By: Carole Stewart McDonnell

Computer Platform: PC, MAC
Produced by: DK Multimedia
Price Range: $19-35
Learning curve time: 10 min.
Age level: 2-11

Genre: Children/Family
Christian Rating: 5 of 5
   (nothing offensive)
Gameplay: 5 of 5
Violence: 5 of 5
Adult Content: 5 of 5

Parents often get a computer for their kids and after finding encyclopedias for their older kids, they find themselves searching around for a more kid-friendly encyclopedia for their toddler. Or, imagine your two-year-old or a learning disabled child watching an older sibling playing a computer game and feeling left out. This is a perfect encyclopedia game for young children or for children with learning disabilities.

This intuitive multimedia dictionary is easy for any child to use. Click on a letter to start the dictionary and a screen pops up with words and pictures under that letter. Click on a picture and the word is pronounced and a cute little animation is shown. The encyclopedia is a true network: each word or picture leads to other words and pictures, and clicking on the horn will give you a definition of the word. The clipart in the program is multicultural and fun and the definitions are easy to understand.

Kids love learning. They will love using the new vocabulary and seeing the pictures. The Bible tells us to learn wisdom and to train up a child in the way he should go. This is a good way of training your child to love knowledge. There is no violence involved. And your child will no longer feel “too small” or “too young” to work on a computer.

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