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Top Christian game developers gather in Portland, Oregon, July 26-28 to share tips and trends about the rapidly growing Christian gaming market.

PORTLAND, Oregon - June 6, 2002 - N'Lighting (, developers of the award-winning game, Catechumen, and GraceWorks Interactive ( announce the formation of the 2002 Christian Game Developers Conference, to be held July 26-27 on the campus of Cascade College in Portland, Oregon.

Speakers currently committed to participating in this gathering of Christian game developers, publishers and retailers include Chris Perkins, lead designer at N'Lightning and Chris Crawford, Atari veteran and freelance games developer for more than 20 years with credits including Balance of Power, Guns & Butter, and Balance of the Planet. He is also the founder of the Computer Game Developers' Conference held in San Jose each year.

Tim Emmerich of GraceWorks Interactive shares his enthusiasm for the upcoming conference

"We see developing Christian games as a unique opportunity to expose game players, especially younger ones, to important aspects of Christianity in a way only possible in an interactive environment. By hosting the conference, we can focus on the issues related to Christian games including development, publishing and marketing. We pray that God blesses this conference."

If you are a developer, publisher or retailer of Christian games and would like to showcase your efforts or speak at the conference, please contact Tim Emmerich, 1-877-753-7391 or Conference registration is free and costs at the conference will be minimal. Your biggest expense will be for travel. Registration forms and additional information are available at the conference's website:

About Tim Emmerich of GraceWorks Interactive (
Tim Emmerich works for a high-tech company as an electrical engineer. An avid gamer since the early 80s, he formed GraceWorks Interactive in 1998 to try to glorify God through software and the Internet. He hopes to be used by God in extraordinary ways. The first project, Jarod's Journey, continues to be a great learning experience.

About Chris Perkins of N'Lighting (
Chris Perkins is the lead designer at N'Lightning Software Development, Inc., a company dedicated to providing the gaming community with high quality video games that have a historical and Biblical basis. Chris has been involved with the design of Catechumen and Ominous Horizons: A Paladin's Calling.

About Chris Crawford
Chris Crawford has authored books and presented numerous lectures for audiences from around the world since 1979. Along the way, he worked at Atari, produced several games and he also founded the Game Developers Conference and ran it for the first seven years. His latest project will revolutionize the game development world by defining the technology behind interactive storytelling.

Media Contact:
James Hills
CyPR Media
+1 (703) 933-2254

Event Information Contact:
Tim Emmerich
GraceWorks Interactive
+1 (877) 753-7391

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