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also known as “Mazule Dzeksi,” «Окей, Джекси!»
MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for strong/crude sexual content and language throughout, some drug use and graphic nudity.

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Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
• Young-Adults • Adults
1 hr. 24 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
October 11, 2019 (wide—2,332 theaters)
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Relevant Issues
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Loving a phone or other technology more than anything else in your life

Artificial intelligence technology

Overuse of smartphones, computers and video games

Dependency issues

What does it mean to be LASCIVIOUS? Answer

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Featuring: Adam DevinePhil
Rose ByrneJexi (voice)
Alexandra ShippCate
Michael PeñaKai
Justin HartleyBrody
Charlyne YiElaine
Wanda SykesDenice
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Director: Jon Lucas
Scott Moore
Producer: CBS Films
Entertainment One
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Distributor: Distributor: Lionsgate Films. Trademark logo.
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Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “A comedy about what can happen when you love your phone more than anything else in your life.

Phil (Adam DeVine) has a major dependency issue—he’s addicted to his phone. He has no friends, he has a job writing pop culture “Top 10” lists, and his love life is non-existent. But his Facebook status is about to change. When he is forced to upgrade his phone, the latest model comes with an unexpected feature…Jexi (Rose Byrne)—an A.I. life coach, virtual assistant and cheerleader. With her help, Phil begins to get a real life. But as he becomes less dependent on his phone, Jexi’s artificial intelligence morphs into a tech nightmare determined to keep Phil all to herself, even if it means ruining his chances of finding success.”

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Secular Movie Critics
…a dumb, lazy film… clunker of a comedy… the work here is amateurish, as if they’ve never made, or even seen, a film before. Ben Kutchins’ cinematography distracts, filled with jerky zooms that make it feel like it was shot on an iPhone…
Kimber Myers, Los Angeles Times
…a comic trifle that’s like a foul-mouthed parody of “Her.” …he’s a dork with a complete lack of shame, and that allows him to play scenes like the hilarious one in which he fumblingly attempts to snap some dick pics, over the appalled protests of his digital dictator. …
Owen Gleiberman, Variety
The evil-smartphone movie “Jexi” doesn’t understand why people like technology… It’s a limp comedy that mocks online interaction without acknowledging its uses or why it draws people… It would be easier to buy Jexi’s more intentional absurdities if its reality wasn’t so elastic, stretching to accommodate poorly staged large-scale slapstick. …
Jesse Hassenger, The Verge
…uninspired in almost every regard… comedy crashes in witless tale… This Adam Devine time-waster is “Her” for Dummies…
Elizabeth Weitzman, The Wrap
…Hey Alexa: Get me a script doctor. …Nearly everything misfires here—bizarrely so, since we can see where the laughs should come, how they would work, and how a more competent movie would get from A to Z. (To be fair, some jokes do land, just not as satisfyingly as you’d hope.)…
John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter
…Okay, Jexi: Find a funnier comedy… awkwardly struggles across its slim running time to land a single one of its existentially painful, seemingly bot-generated jokes…
Beatrice Loayza, The A.V. Club
…artless, nothing of a movie that feels cobbled together with the same app-driven, gig-economy mentality that Phil is trying to disavow…
David Ehrlich, IndieWire
…Unfunny “Jexi” puts the “AI” in “Ai-yi-yi!”…
Rob Thomas, The Capital Times (Madison, WI)
It’s like “Her,” but with really bad jokes…
Chris Evangelista, Slash Film