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Fierce Creatures

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
93 min.

Starring: John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, Michael Palin

“Fierce Creatures” could have been a cute comedy with romance and cuddly animals. Instead we get lust, sexual innuendo and, I admit, cute animals.

The story centers around a zoo’s wacky employees' shenanigans in trying to rescue the zoo from being ruined by the manager, Rollo Lee. Rollo wants violent animals in the zoo. Supposedly this will make more money, exactly what he and owner/billionaire Rod McCain want.

McCain’s son, Vince (Kevin Kline) is a greedy, sex starved lizard who eventually accompanies Willa Weston (his fathers employee) to England, where the zoo is located. (Hint: Willa is the woman with the low cut shirt and too-tight clothing.) Most of Willa’s screen time, unfortunately, is spent fending off Vince’s sexual advances, and looking suspicious of the zoo manager when he repeatedly gets into situations which make him look like a male nymphomaniac.

This movie really needed a heavy handed editor. Alas, Frank Capra is dead.

I give it such a low Moral Rating because of its sexual innuendo, accidental murder, exploitation of the feminine form, and the park’s employees who cover themselves with fake blood and wounds in their attempt to convince people that that cuddly animals are really dangerous. Then there’s the hints of weird sex, attempted homicide… you get the picture.

Year of Release—1997

Viewer Comments
This movie was terrible!!!… John Cleese is capable of so much more, as in A Fish called Wanda. Save your money and stay home. And from a Christian point of view it was disgusting.
Barbara Davidson, age 42
Well, I admit it, I sat through the whole thing. I really regret doing so now. There are some movies where Kevin Kline, Michael Palin and John Cleese are hilarious. This isn’t one of those. Instead, the entire picture moves slowly, supported by a cast of cute creatures. Every scene had some sort of sexual joke or the like and I found it tiresome and unfunny. When will Hollywood learn that true comedy can survive without all of the sexual references?!
P. Sorrells
It was so bad that my wife and I left early. The animals were cute.
Gerry Rains, age 40