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Eye for an Eye

Reviewed by: Lisa Sutter

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
120 min.
Year of Release:

“Eye for an Eye” stars Sally Field and Kieffer Sutherland in what was expected to be an intense movie… but nothing prepared me for what I witnessed.

The plot of this movie, buried under intense violence and sexually explicit language, centers around a mother taking vengeance into her own hands. While she is talking to her daughter on the phone, a knock on the door introduces a violent visitor. As soon as the daughter answers the door, she is graphically raped and violently murdered while the victim’s mother witnesses the entire event across the phone line. In fact, similar events, all just as graphic and violent, occur throughout the story, intertwined with much sexually explicit dialog.

This is probably the single worst movie I have EVER seen. It scared me so badly I was literally shaking as I came out of the theater. (Movies never have that effect on me because I don’t scare easily.) “Eye for an Eye” is NOT for children or faint hearted adults. The sex and violence in this movie will literally shock the breath out of you.

In an anti-biblical tone, contrary to the Lord’s reminder that vengeance is His, the story condones taking matters into your own hands when someone sins against you. A word of strong advice—avoid “Eye for an Eye”—this moral-less and decadent film is not worth the pollution of your mind.