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What reasons would you give for/against abortion?
Length: 43 minutes

People give many reasons why they think abortion is acceptable, including…

  1. The inconvenience of pregnancy
  2. Incompetence of parents
  3. Infant disabilities
  4. It’s the woman’s body
  5. It’s not a baby
  6. Rape or incest
  7. She’s not ready to be a parent

Watch ardently pro-choice students change their minds.

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UNpopular: The Movie (full-length)
Length: 29 minutes
Helpful advice
Length: 5 minutes
“EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide”
Length: 37 minutes

Before you finish reading this description, one individual will have ended their life by suicide—because they think they have no other choice. This fits perfectly into the plans of the Enemy of mankind.

According to the World Health Organization, a massive 800,000 people take their lives every year—one death every 40 seconds. That’s 3,000 souls per day.

For millions who suffer from depression and despair or fear of living, “EXIT” points to a better way. This compelling movie shines a powerful light in the darkness and offers true hope to those who think they have none. Someone you know may be secretly considering their exit.

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Be encouraged! Even though you may be blind to it, there is real joy and HOPE and purpose available to you.
Learn about hope

The world doesn’t know why these events are happening. We do.
Length: 20 minutes
Inspirational poem
Length: 4 minutes
Hollywood wants your money… and your mind
Length: 4 minutes

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