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Cover of An Affair of the Mind
268 pages

Table of Contents for…

An Affair of the Mind

by Laurie Hall

(photo of back cover)

Part 1

Victims of a Victimless Crime
  • Chapter 1: This Is Not a Fairy Tale
  • Chapter 2: Up Close and Personal
  • Chapter 3: Pinched from the Waiting
  • Chapter 4: The Great Adventure Begins
  • Chapter 5: The Uncovering
  • Chapter 6: Used Up and Wasted

Part 2

An Affair of the Mind
  • Chapter 7: What’s the Big Deal?
  • Chapter 8: I Take This Woman
  • Chapter 9: Can’t Get No Satisfaction
  • Chapter 10: An Affair of the Mind
  • Chapter 11: The Girl of His Dreams
  • Chapter 12: Let Me Entertain Me
  • Chapter 13: Liar, Liar, House Afire

Part 3

This Is War, and There’s No Neutral Ground
  • Chapter 14: The Ground Rules of Engagement
  • Chapter 15: Learning How to Get Direction from God
  • Chapter 16: Telling Yourself the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth
  • Chapter 17: Get Real
  • Chapter 18: Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
  • Chapter 19: Dejunking Your Conscience
  • Chapter 20: Finding Peace in the Midst of the Storm
  • Chapter 21: Upping the Ante
  • Chapter 22: Becoming Faith Full

Part 4

A Little Mop-Up Action
  • Chapter 23: Those Flaming Arrows
  • Chapter 24: Help! I’ve Been Robbed
  • Chapter 25: Clearing Out the Rubble to Make Room for the Joy
  • Epilogue: Pushing Past the Pain
  • Jack’s Story: A Word from the Battlefront
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