Nostradamus: Attack on America & More Incredible Prophecies
181 pages
Age Level: Teen to Adult

NOSTRADAMUS: Attack on America & More Incredible Prophecies

by Ray Comfort

SEE: Did Nostradamus prophecy the bombing of the Twin Towers in New York? Answer

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We often receive questions about the famed prophecies of Nostradamus, the 16th Century occult prophet. Books and TV shows promoting Nostradamus are big business these days. Many people are being deceived—even Christians. Many are concerned about how an occult prophet could be “so accurate.” Following the September 11, 2001 attack on New York, “Nostradamus” became one of the Internet’s fifty most popular search words so many times that he even displaced “sex” from the top-fifty list. Claims were widely made that he prophecied the World Trade Center attack.

Did he prophecy of the assassination of President Kennedy? Did he say that man would land on the moon, and that someone named Hitler would lead Germany? Did he mention America by name? Did he have anything to say about the outcome of the Third World War? This publication will not only give you insight into the acclaimed prophecies of the world’s most famous prophet, but it will show you how he obtained his predictions. Did he get his incredible insights from God, or from some other means.

This book reveals the truth. You will be amazed to see how the world has been duped.

Nostradamus’s writings are a billion-dollar industry. According to the BBC News, "Books about Nostradamus, the apocalyptic prophet, have entered the bestseller list.

Ray Comfort has researched the prophecies in depth to provide this comprehensive, easy reading study. Nostradamus warned the future would bring earthquakes, famines, wars and plagues. He spoke of the anti-Christ, Gog and Magog, etc. Comfort provides documented evidence that Nostradamus cheated. He read the Scriptures in secret, stole Bible prophecies, and claimed them as his own. That is why some of Nostradamus’s “prophecies” came true and made him famous. Anyone who is ignorant of Bible prophecy will be impressed with the prophecies of Nostradamus. He plagiarized the Bible.

Furthermore, there is no valid basis for all the other celebrated predictions he supposedly made — the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, man landing on the moon, the rise of Hitler, and so on.

This book documents the truth about this false prophet, and point out the 100% accurate prophecies of God’s Word. Use them to help friends and family that have been deceived.

The book was written specifically for the unsaved. The final chapters contain a very clear and thorough gospel presentation. It is an ideal and inoffensive gift for a non-Christian.


"This finally knocks the props out from under the phony tabloid reports on his so-called prophecies. It’s the equivalent of an Old Testament stoning of a false prophet." Larry Poland, Mastermedia

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