The Messiah: Fulfilled Prophecy

Starring Nick Mancuso

A compelling Gospel presentation

Dramatically presents the prophetic meaning of the Passover (Seder) dinner practiced by Jews around the world for 3-thousand years. Passover is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The story takes place in Israel on the first anniversary of Christs death. “Christians will be amazed as the roots of their faith are revealed. A moving and entertaining educational drama with a solid performance.”

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The wonderful story of screenwriter Albert Israeli

Photograph - Albert Israeli. Copyright, CJF Ministries.

Albert was born in Soviet Georgia, the home of one of the most ancient Jewish communities in the Diaspora (dispersion). When some of the Jews returned from the Babylonian exile to the Land of Israel under Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah, several clans of the merchant Jews chose to cross Mesopotamia and settle in the fertile gateway between Europe and Asia. This was 2,750 years ago.

Despite anti-religious indoctrination by the Soviet authorities for the past seventy years, Georgian Jews succeeded in maintaining Jewish traditions and customs, both at the synagogues and in their homes.

For centuries, all generations of Albert’s people concluded the Passover Seder with these words: “Next year in Jerusalem.” The hope of two thousand years was finally realized when Albert’s father, abraham, announced that they were making Aliyah to the land of their fathers.

The Israeli family arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv in February 1973. Albert was twelve years old at the time. In October of that year, they lived through the horror of the Yom Kippur War. His father was lost somewhere on the Syrian front, and for a week no one knew whether he was dead or alive. They finally learned that he was alive, though lightly wounded.

Several years later, Albert’s parents decided that this definitely was not a country “flowing with milk and honey.” Upon arriving in Toronto, Albert met his future wife who, just like Albert, had moved from the Ukraine to Israel, and later to Toronto.

Albert and Gretta married and a year later were blessed with their first child, Sarrah (Natalie). Even with having such a wonderful family, Albert couldn’t find the peace or fulfillment he wanted. Somehow, his life was empty and without meaning. After a few years another daughter, Daniela, was born to Albert and Gretta.

Albert felt compelled to show this “ignoramus” how easy it was to prove from the Scriptures the absurdity of his faith that Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah.

The light came suddenly into Albert’s life when he met a young Jewish fellow who claimed that Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah of Israel. Albert felt compelled to show this “ignoramus” how easy it was to prove from the Scriptures the absurdity of his faith. And for the next two weeks, the world stood still for Albert as he totally immersed himself in the study of the Scriptures.

As time went on, he found himself no longer trying to prove his friend wrong; he discovered, instead, that he was trying to prove himself wrong! But with every passing hour, he was believing more and more that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, the Son of David. On the second day of Passover in 1984, Albert gave his heart to Yeshua (Jesus).

The love and forgiveness that Albert experienced set him on fire to tell everyone about the Good News of the Messiah. Several Jewish people came to faith at that time, and one was his wife, Gretta. Then came a severe time of trials, threats from anti-missionary groups, and rejection from family members and the Jewish community.

As time passed, more and more people came to a saving knowledge of the One of whom Moses in the Law and the Prophets did write: Jesus of Nazareth. Albert found himself being the spiritual leader by default, since he was the oldest believer in the group. This group of believers grew spiritually and in numbers to become congregation “Beit Sar Shalom” (House of the Prince of Peace) which now, ten years later, meets in North York, Toronto.

In 1989, the Lord opened the door of ministry in the former USSR, where hundreds of Jews and Gentiles have come to faith. Fellowships, including congregation “Beit El Gibor” in Kiev, were planted; later some were also planted in the cities of Lvov and Charkov.

As the Lord enabled him to share His love with the people in Israel Albert saw many come to faith in the Messiah.

In 1991, Albert and Gretta moved back to Israel. During the next four years, the Lord enabled him to share His love with the people in Israel (through mass evangelism and personal sharing), Albert saw many come to faith in the Messiah.

Albert formerly served as the International Ministries Director of The Christian Jew Foundation. He is currently with Christian Jew Outreach in Canada. He has planted congregations in Israel and the former Soviet Union. He also leads tours to Israel. In addition, he travels to Montreal where he is engaged in evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, and in planting of yet another Russian-Jewish congregation.

A short account how the film “The Messiah: Fulfilled Prophecy” came to fruition, by Albert Israeli

Over the years I have spoken in hundreds of conferences and churches in North America and Europe.

I found specially a great interest amongst Christians whenever I did a presentation of The Messiah: Fulfilled Prophecy. People constantly kept requesting that I videotape my presentation so that they could share it with their unsaved family/friends.

At first I thought to just videotape one of the presentations at a church, but the more I prayed about it the more I felt God was leading me to create something that would touch non-Christians in a special way.

I approached Frank Deluca and Giacomo Moncada from Big Star Motion Pictures. Both Frank and Giacomo are Christians who dreamed that God would use them to advance his Kingdom, and so a partnership was formed. Jews and non-Jews serving God together (a Biblical Olive Tree concept). I then wrote the story, Frank produced and Giacomo directed. We prayed and worked together the whole year to produce a spiritual showpiece.

Thus by the grace of God, “The Messiah: Fulfilled Prophecy” was completed in 2002.

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Albert Israeli

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Suggested uses for the DVD

  • Sunday schools
  • Vacation Bible school
  • Bible studies
  • General evangelism outreaches
  • Winning Jews to their Messiah, Jesus Christ
  • SEDER DINNERS - Many churches now celebrate and explain the Seder dinner annually, before Resurrection Sunday. Not only does this present a great educational opportunity, but it is also very moving and can be used powerfully for soul-winning. Use this video to create interest in doing this at your church. Also, show the video before or during the Seder dinner.